Aug 21 2018

Character posters for movie “The Great Battle”

Here’s 9 character posters from upcoming movie “The Great Battle.” The character posters are of Zo In-Sung, Nam Joo-Hyuk, Park Sung-Woong, Bae Sung-Woo, Um Tae-Goo, Seol Hyun (‘AOA’) , Park Byung-Eun, Oh Dae-Hwan and Jung Eun-Chae. Caption on Zo In-Sung’s character poster states “We did not learn how to retreat.” The film follows a battle that took place over 88 days as Goguryeo soldiers tried to defend Ansi Fortress from Tang forces.

“The Great Battle” will be released September 19, 2018 in South Korea.


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Aug 21 2018

Main trailer and poster for movie “The Soul-Mate”

Main trailer added for comedy-supernatural-crime movie “The Soul-Mate” starring Ma Dong-Seok and Kim Young-Kwang. As you can see in the posters for the film, movie will be released in South Korea as “Wonderful Ghost,” but internationally the movie will have the title of “The Soul-Mate.” For the main trailer, captions in the trailer explain the characters of Jang-Soo (Ma Dong-Seok) and Tae-Jin (Kim Young-Kwang). Around the 14 second mark, Ma Dong-Seok’s caption states in Korean “Sense of justice 0%, judo gym director.” Around the 25 second mark, Kim Young-Kwan’s caption states “Sense of justice 200%, local police officer.”

“The Soul-Mate” is now set for release September 26, 2018 in South Korea.


Aug 20 2018

Main trailer for movie “Feng Shui”

Main trailer for movie “Feng Shui” starring Cho Seung-Woo, Ji Sung and Moon Chae-Won. Movie is directed by Park Hee-Kon (“Insadong Scandal“). The film should draw wide interest from Chou Seung-Woo currently starring in JTBC drama series “Life,” Ji Sung in tvN drama series “Familiar Wife” and Moon Chae-Won starring in upcoming tvN drama series “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter.”

“Feng Shui” will be released September 19, 2018 in South Korea.

Aug 20 2018

8 character posters for movie “High Society”

Here’s 8 character posters for movie “High Society” starring Park Hae-IlSoo-Ae. The 8 character posters are of Park Hae-Il, Soo-Ae, Yoon Je-Moon, Ra Mi-Ran, Lee Jin-Wook, Kim Gyu-Sun, Han Joo-Young & Kim Kang-Woo. Movie is directed by Byeon Hyeok (“The Scarlet Letter“). Caption on Park Hae-Il’s character posters states in Korean “Why can’t I do it. If the time comes and if i have the chance. Professor of economics and promising rookie politician. Jang Tae-Joon” Caption on Soo-Ae’s character poster states in Korean “Please give the post to me. Oh Soo-Yeon who is competent and is full of ambition.” Caption on Lee Jin-Wook’s character poster states in Korean “Is this offer personal? World famous media artist Shin Ji-Ho.”

“High Society” will be released August 28, 2018 in South Korea.

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Aug 17 2018

English subtitled teaser trailer for movie “The Negotiation”

English subtitled teaser trailer added for upcoming movie “The Negotiation” starring Son Ye-Jin and Hyun-Bin. The movie features Hyun-Bin playing a villain for the first time in his acting career. He kidnaps Korean nationals in Bangkok, Thailand. Son Ye-Jin plays the negotiator that only has a few hours to save the lives of the hostages.

“The Negotiation” will be released September, 2018 in South Korea.

Aug 17 2018

Filming for movie “The Divine Fury” begins

Filming for upcoming movie “The Divine Fury,” starring Park Seo-JoonAhn Sung-Ki and Woo Do-Hwan, began August 14, 2018. The promotional photo above is from a ceremony for the film that took place August 11, 2018. There, Park Seo-Joon stated, “It will be a long journey. The most important thing is nobody should get hurt. I will hard for the movie. The film follows a martial arts champion (Park Seo-Joon) and a exorcist (Ahn Sung-Ki) as they battle an evil. Movie is directed by Kim Joo-Hwan who worked with Park Seo-Joon in last year’s buddy cop film “Midnight Runners.”

“The Divine Fury” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.


Aug 15 2018

Yu Hae-Jin and Ryoo Joon-Yeol cast in period film “Battle”

Yu Hae-Jin and Ryoo Joon-Yeol are cast in new movie “Battle” (literal title). The film will be directed by Won Shin-Yeon and distributed by Showbox. The film is set when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule and takes place over 4 days in Manchuria, China. There, Korean independence militia battle the Japanese military. Yu Hae-Jin will play an expert swordsman for the militia and Ryoo Joon-Yeol will play an expert marksmen for the militia. The script reading for the film has already taken place and filming will begin August 16, 2018.

“Battle” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.

Aug 10 2018

7 character posters for movie “Feng Shui”

Here’s 7 character posters for upcoming movie “Feng Shui.” The film stars Cho Seung-Woo & Ji Sung who are both currently in starring roles in drama series (“Life” & “Feng Shui” respectively). The 7 character posters from the movie are of Cho Seung-Woo, Ji Sung, Baek Yoon-Sik, Kim Sung-Kyun, Moon Chae-Won, Yoo Jae-Myung and Lee Won-Geun. Caption on Cho Seung-Woo’s poster at the top states in Korean “Park Jae-Sang: Person who reads energy of land.”

Ji-Sung’s poster below states in Korean “Heungseon: Person who tries to become King with the land.”

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