Jan 26 2017

Filming for movie “Little Forest” begins

Filming for upcoming movie “Little Forest,” starring Kim Tae-Ri, Ryoo Joon-Yeol & Jin Ki-Joo, began January 21, 2017 at a village in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. The first scene filmed has Hye-Won (Kim Tae-Ri), who came to the village from the city, and her two long-time friends, Jae-Ha (Ryoo Joon-Yeol) and Eun-Sook (Jin Ki-Joo), gathering together. The film is directed by Yim Soonrye.

Movie is based on manga series “Little Forest” by Daisuke Igarashi which was previously adapted into the films “Little Forest: Summer & Autumn” & “Little Forest: Winter & Spring.” The Korean version will include all 4 seasons in the film. Photo above is from the first script reading for the film.


Jan 25 2017

Trailer and poster for Hong Sang-Soo film “On the Beach at Night Alone

Trailer and poster added for Hong Sang-Soo directed film “On the Beach at Night Alone” starring Kim Min-Hee. Movie will have its world premiere at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival in the competition section. Kim Min-Hee previously starred in 2015 Hong Sang-Soo film “Right Now, Wrong Then” and the duo made headlines in South Korea last year when the press revealed they were in a romantic relationship, even though Hong Sang-Soo was married at the time.

Jan 25 2017

Filming for movie “V.I.P.” finishes

Filming of upcoming movie “V.I.P.,” starring Jang Dong-Gun, Kim Myung-Min, Park Hee-Soon & Lee Jong-Suk, finished January 20, 2017. Filming for the movie took 3 months to complete and shooting locations included Thailand, Hong Kong as well as South Korea.

Meanwhile, photos above are the first for the movie released publicly. In the upcoming film, Jang Dong-Gun plays Park Jae-Hyuk. His character is connected with the C.I.A. in the U.S. and the N.I.S. in South Korea. Kim Myung-Min plays South Korean detective Chae Yi-Do. Park Hee-Soon plays Lee Dae-Bum. He is a coldblooded agent for The Ministry of People’s Security in North Korea and he travels to South Korea. Lastly, Lee Jong-Suk plays serial murder suspect Gwang-Il. He defected from North Korea to South Korea and is an important figure. He is referred to as “V.I.P.” Movie is directed by Park Hoon-Jung (“New World“).


Jan 19 2017

Jang Na-Ra and Chansung cast in drama series “Housewife Detective”

Jang Na-Ra and Chansung (‘2PM’) are now cast for the lead roles in new drama series “Housewife Detective” (literal title). Already cast in supporting roles are Jo Hyun-JaeHong Soo-A and Lee Min-Ho.

In the drama series, Jang Na-Ra will play Myung Yoo-Jin. She has raised her child alone since the death of her husband. She becomes an assistant to a private detective. Meanwhile, Chansung will play Han Hee-Joon. He is the private detective which Myung Yoo-Jin works for. He introduces himself as a genius private detective.

Filing begins January, 2017, but exact network which will air the drama series has yet be announced.

Jan 19 2017

Main trailer for movie “Yes, Family”

Main trailer for movie “Yes, Family” (literal title) starring Lee Yo-Won, Jeong Man-Sik, Esom & Jung Joon-Won. The film is setup as a family-drama-comedy revolving around three adult siblings. Lee Yo-Won plays the middle sibling. She views her older brother (Jeong Man-Sik) and younger sister (Esom) as burdens. A young boy (Jung Joon-Won) then appears who turns out to be their youngest sibling.

“Yes, Family” is the first Korean film distributed by Walt Disney Company Korea and will be released February 15, 2017 in South Korea.

Jan 19 2017

Filming for movie “Daerib Forces” finishes

Filming for movie “Daerib Forces,” starring Lee Jung-Jae & Yeo Jin-Goo, finished January 10, 2017. Movie took about 5 months to complete. Filming locations took place all across South Korea. Story for the film takes place during the Joseon Dynasty era, with Japanese forces invading the country. King Seonjo flees the country, leaving behind Prince Gwanghae (Yeo Jin-Goo). Meanwhile, To-Woo (Lee Jung-Jae) leads the Daerib Forces to combat the invading forces.

Still images above are the first publicly released stills from “Daerib Forces.”