Mar 20 2017

Hyeri & Kim Min-Suk cast in movie “Strange Object”

Hyeri (‘Girl’s Day’) and Kim Min-Suk are cast in new movie “Strange Object” (literal title) starring Kim Myung-Min. In the film, Hyeri will play the lead female character. Her character is the daughter of the character played by Kim Myung-Min. Kim Min-Suk will play a counterpart to Hyeri’s character. Movie will be directed by Huh Jong-Ho and set in a historical times.

Filming for “Strange Object” begins April, 2017 in South Korea.

Mar 20 2017

Lee Je-Hoon & Na Moon-Hee cast in movie “I Can Speak”

Lee Je-Hoon & Na Moon-Hee are cast in new movie “I Can Speak.” The film will be directed by Kim Hyun-Seok (“Cyrano Agency“). In the upcoming movie, Lee Je-Hoon plays low-level civil servant employee Park Min-Jae. He is flooded with complaints filed by elderly woman Na Ok-Boon played Na Moon-Hee. Na Ok-Boon is the type that feels she should be compensated whenever she is wronged. Somehow, Park Min-Jae begins giving English lessons to Na Moon-Hee.

Filming for “I Can Speak” begins at the end of this month.

Mar 16 2017

Teaser trailer for movie “The King’s Case Note”

Teaser trailer for upcoming movie “The King’s Case Note” starring Lee Sun-Kyun & Ahn Jae-Hong. Movie follows the path of “Detective K” with a historical backdrop and a detective and his sidekick investigating cases. This time around the detective played by Lee Sun-Kyun is actually the King, who likes to moonlight as a detective in his free time, and his sidekick is record keeper Yoon Yi-Seo played by Ahn Jae-Hong.

“The King’s Case Note” will be released this April in South Korea.