Oct 18 2017

Main trailer for movie “Preparation”

Main trailer added for upcoming movie “Preparation” (literal title) starring Ko Du-Shim, Kim Sung-Kyun, Yoo-Sun and a special appearance by Shin Se-Kyung. Similar to 1996 MBC drama series “The Most Beautiful Goodbye” or 2010 movie “Wedding Dress,” story for “Preparation” follows a mother who learns she has a terminal disease. Her son though is an adult, but has a mental disability.

“Preparation” opens November, 2017 in South Korea.

Oct 17 2017

Filming for movie “Swing Kids” begins October 18th

Filming for upcoming movie “Swing Kids,” starring Do Kyung-Soo (‘EXO’) and Park Hye-Soo, begins October 18, 2017 in Samcheok, Gangwon Province, South Korea. The set there will recreate the Geoje POW Camp in the year 1951. The traditional gosa ceremony to bring about good fortunes for the movie already took place October 11, 2017. Movie is directed by Kang Hyung-Chul (“Scandal Makers“/”Sunny“).

In the upcoming film, Do Kyung-Soo (‘EXO’) plays Rho Ki-Soo. He is a young North Korean soldier held at the Geoje POW Camp. He happens to see tap dancing and falls in love with it. Do Kyung-Soo took tap dancing lessons for several months to prepare for the movie. Park Hye-Soo will play translator Yang Pan-Rae. Her character is fluent in Chinese and English.

Oct 12 2017

Main trailer and poster for movie “Method”

Main poster and trailer added for upcoming movie “Method” starring Park Sung-Woong, Yoon Seung-Ah and Oh Seung-Hoon. Movie is directed by Pang Eun-Jin. The caption on the poster states “We Were Perfect.” Story for “Method” follows an actor (Park Sung-Woong) and an idol (Oh Seung-Hoon) as they are cast in a gay themed 2-man stage play. As they get more involved in the play, the actor’s girlfriend (Yoon Seung-Ah) gets a strange feeling about the the two men’s relationship.

“Method” will have its world premiere at this year’s Busan International Film Festival (Oct. 12-21, 2017) and its general release November 2, 2017 in South Korea.

Oct 11 2017

Teaser poster for movie “Steel Rain”

Teaser poster for movie “Steel Rain” starring Jung Woo-Sung and Kwak Do-Won. Movie is based on webcomic “Steel Rain” by Yang Woo-Suk and directed by Yang Woo-Seok. Story for “Steel Rain” is set in the near future. When a coup takes place in North Korea and the North Korean leader flees to South Korea and a crisis ensues. North Korean official (Jung Woo-Sung) and South Korean official (Kwak Do-Won) go on a secret mission to prevent war.

In addition 10 promotional video clips for the upcoming film have been added on AsianWiki. “Steel Rain” will be released sometime this December in South Korea.

Oct 10 2017

Trailer for movie “Night of Memory”

Trailer added for upcoming movie “Night of Memory” (literal title) starring Kang Ha-Neul and Kim Moo-Yul. The mystery-thriller film is written and directed by Jang Hang-Jun. Story for “Night of Memory” has Kang Ha-Neul and Kim Moo-Yul playing brothers. The older brother played by Kim Moo-Yul goes missing for 19 days and when he appears again he acts like a different person.

“Night of Memory” will be released sometime this November in South Korea.

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Sep 30 2017

Trailer for movie “Autumn Sonata”

Trailer added for upcoming melodrama film “Autumn Sonata” starring BoA and Lee Hak-Joo. Story for “Autumn Sonata” follows a woman who learns she is terminally ill and her relationship to her boyfriend whom she hoped to marry.

“Autumn Sonata” will be released October 19, 2017 in South Korea.

Sep 27 2017

Kim Hwan-Hee and Suho cast in movie “Middle School Girl A”

Kim Hwan-Hee and Suho (‘EXO’) are cast in live-action film “Middle School Girl A” (literal title). Movie is based on webcomic “Yeojoongsaeng A” by Heo5Pa6. In the film, Kim Hwan-Hee will play an introverted middle school student who is obsessed with video games. She then changes and begins to open up to other people. Movie is directed by Lee Kyung-Sub (“Miss The Train“).

“Middle School Girl A” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.