Dec 28 2015

Cha Tae-Hyun and Ju Ji-Hoon cast in movie “With God”

Actors Cha Tae-Hyun and Ju Ji-Hoon are cast in upcoming movie “With God” (literal title) which has already cast actors Ha Jung-Woo and Ma Dong-Seok. Movie “With God” is based on webcomic “Singwa Hamgge” by Joo Ho-Min and will be directed by Kim Yong-Hwa (“200 Pounds Beauty“/”Take Off“).

Story for “With God” follows angel of deaths who take humans into the after world where the humans receive 7 trials over a period of 49 days. Cha Tae-Hyun will play Ja-Hong. His character dies suddenly and he receives his trial in the after life. Ju Ji-Hoon will play Hae Won-Maek. His character is an angel of death and cool-headed. Meanwhile, Ha Jung-Woo plays Gang Rim. His character leads the angel of deaths and he holds an affection for human beings. Ma Dong-Seok will play a God of House. He lives in the human world and protects them in their house.

In a first for Korean films, “With God” will be filmed in two parts and the movie will be released sequentially in 2017. Filming begins April, 2016 for “With God.”

Dec 21 2015

Han Ji-Eun cast for lead female role in movie “Real”

Actress Han Ji-Eun is cast for the lead female role in upcoming movie “Real” starring Kim Soo-Hyun. Also cast in the film, in a major supporting role is veteran actor Lee Sung-Min. Meanwhile, Sulli (formerly of idol group “f(x)”) is considering an offer to play a major supporting female character.

Actress Han Ji-Eun landed the lead female role after going through auditions which involved 4200 other actresses. in the film “Real,” Han Ji-Eun will play Han Ye-Won. Her character is an actress. Filming for “Real” begins January, 2016 in South Korea.

Dec 21 2015

Teaser trailer and poster for movie “A Violent Prosecutor”

Teaser trailer and poster added for upcoming movie “A Violent Prosecutor” starring Hwang Jung-Min & Gang Dong-Won. Premise for “A Violent Prosecutor” has Hwang Jung-Min playing the violent prosecutor who gets framed and sent to prison for 15 years. There he meets a good-looking con man played by Gang Dong-Won. The prosecutor then helps the con man get released from jail in hopes that the con man will follow his plans to get revenge on those that framed him.

“A Violent Prosecutor” will be released February 4, 2016 in South Korea.

Dec 17 2015

Gang Dong-Won, Lee Byung-Hun & Kim Woo-Bin cast in movie “Master”

Popular actors Gang Dong-Won, Lee Byung-Hun & Kim Woo-Bin are all cast in upcoming action-crime film “Master.” Movie is directed by Choi Ui-Seok (“Cold Eyes“). This is the first time Gang Dong-Won, Lee Byung-Hun and Kim Woo-Bin have worked with each other.

Premise for movie “Master” involves an intellectual crime investigation team as they attempt to take down the company “Won Network.” The company Won Network is involved in a massive fraud case. Actor Gang Dong-Won will play the leader of the crime investigation team. Lee Byung-Hun will play the president of Won Network and Kim Woo-Bin will play the section chief of Won Network. Kim Woo-Bin’s character provides the brains behind Won Network.

Filming for “Master” begins sometime during the first half of 2016 in South Korea.

Dec 16 2015

Kim Jae-Wook cast in movie “Princess Deokhye”

Actor Kim Jae-Wook is cast in upcoming movie “Princess Deokhye” (literal title) starring Son Ye-Jin & Park Hae-Il. Movie is based on 2009 novel “Deokhyeongjoo” by Kwon Bi-Young and directed by Hur Jin-ho (“Christmas in August“/”A Good Rain Knows“).

In movie “Princess Deokhye,” Kim Jae-Wook will play Dakeyuki So. His character is the husband of Princess Deokhye (Son Ye-Jin). Even though they were married by force, he tries to keep a family. He and Jang Han (Park Hae-Il) have tension over Princess Deokhye. Kim Jae-Wook’s character is Japanese and all of his dialogue are spoken in Japanese.

“Princess Deokhye” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.