Mar 3 2016

First still images of Youn Yuh-Jung & Kim Go-Eun in movie “Canola”

Here’s the first still images of Youn Yuh-Jung & Kim Go-Eun in upcoming movie “Canola” (English title). Movie is directed by Chang (“The Target“). Setup for the film has Kim Go-Eun playing a troubled teen who went missing for 12 years as she stays with her grandmother played by Youn Yuh-Jung. The grandmother works as a hanyeo (traditional female diver) in Jeju.

In addition, release date for “Canola” is not slotted for sometime this May in South Korea.

Feb 23 2016

Kim Nam-Gil cast in movie “My Angel”

Actor Kim Nam-Gil is cast in new romance film “My Angel” directed by Lee Yoon-Ki. Director Lee Yoon-Ki has paired such powerhouse performers as Jeon Do-Yeon and Ha Jung-Woo in 2008 film “My Dear Enemy,” Hyun-Bin and Lim Soo-Jung in 2011 film “Come Rain Come Shine” and Jeon Do-Yeon and Gong Yoo in upcoming film “A Man and A Woman.” For the lead female role in “My Angel” actress Chun Woo-Hee has been offered the role and she is currently “positively considering” the offer.

In movie “My Angel,” Kim Nam-Gil plays an insurance examiner who meets a woman in a vegetative state. His character witnessed his late wife take her own life.

Filming for “My Angel” will begin sometime this March in South Korea.

Feb 23 2016

Teaser poster for movie “Life Risking Romance”

Here’s the first teaser poster for upcoming romantic-comedy film “Life Risking Romance” starring Ha Ji-Won, Chun Jung-Myung & Chen Bolin. Movie features Ha Ji-Won playing a mystery novel writer who chases after a serial killer with a detective/friend played by Chun Jung-Myung. A mysterious man then appears played by Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin.

“Life Risking Romance” is now slotted for release sometime this April in South Korea.

Feb 4 2016

4 character posters for movie “One Way Trip”

Here’s 4 character posters for upcoming movie “One Way Trip.” The character posters are of the four lead actors Ji Soo, Suho, Ryoo Joon-Yeol, Kim Hee-Chan. Movie had its world premiere at last year’s Busan International Film Festival. Story for the film revolves around 4 friends who take a trip to the beach for 1 night. One of the 4 friends is about to join the navy. At the beach, they see a woman being beaten by a man and they run to help her. Their lives are about to change forever.

“One Way Trip” opens sometime March, 2016 in South Korea.