Feb 8 2017

Park Ki-Woong cast in movie “Cheese in the Trap”

Park Ki-Woong is cast in movie “Cheese in the Trap” starring Park Hae-Jin & Oh Yeon-Seo. For the movie, Park Ki-Woong will play major supporting character Baek In-Ho. In the tvN drama series version of “Cheese in the Trap,” actor Seo Kang-Joon played the same character. The character of Baek In-Ho used to be close with Yoo Jung (Park Hae-Jin) and he was also a promising pianist, but an injury caused him to give up the piano. He wandered from place to place and thought Yoo Jung caused his injury.

“Cheese in the Trap” will be released sometime this year in South Korea.



Feb 7 2017

Filming for movie “Commander Kim Chang-Soo” finishes

Filming for upcoming movie “Commander Kim Chang-Soo” (literal title),  starring Cho Jin-Woong & Song Seung-Heon, finished January 31, 2017. Filming took place over 3 months and shooting locations occurred nationwide, including Ganghwado, Hapcheon, Mungyeong and Yeoju. The last scene filmed took place on a snow covered field on Hambaek Mountain in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

“Commander Kim Chang-Soo” will be released sometime this year in South Korea.

Feb 2 2017

First still images from movie “The Prison”

Here’s the first 4 still images from upcoming movie “The Prison” starring Han Suk-Kyu and Kim Rae-Won. Interesting enough, both actors are coming off successful stints playing a doctor in TV drama series. Story for movie “The Prison” has Han Suk-Kyu playing inmate Ik-Ho. He rules the prison like a king. Meanwhile, Kim Rae-Won plays ex-detective Yoo-Gun. He lands in prison on hit-and-run charges. Ik-Ho watches the hot tempered Yoo-Gun.

“The Prison” is now slotted for release March, 2017 in South Korea.


Feb 2 2017

Teaser trailer and poster for movie “Part Time Spy”

Teaser trailer and poster for movie “Part Time Spy” starring Gang Ye-Won, Han Chae-Ah & Namgung Min. Movie is directed by Kim Deok-Soo (“Dad for Rent“). Premise for the action-comedy film has Gang Ye-Won playing NSA temp worker Jang Young-Sil. When her boss at the national security agency becomes the victim of a voice phishing scam, she sees it as an opportunity to land a full time job there. She teams up with Detective Na Jung-An (Han Chae-Ah) to take down the phishing scam operation.

“Part Time Spy” will be released March, 2017 in South Korea.

Feb 1 2017

Lee Byung-Hun and Park Jung-Min cast in movie “That’s Only My World”

Lee Byung-Hun and Park Jung-Min are cast in new movie “That’s Only My World” (literal title). The film will be directed by Choi Sung-Hyun (screenwriter for movie “The Fatal Encounter“). Story for the film revolves around two brothers. Lee Byung-Hun plays the older brother who is a washed-up boxer. Park Jung-Min will play the younger brother. He is a gifted pianist and has a physical disability. Their relationship is mended through their mother and stories of her difficult past. Filming for “That’s Only My World” begins June, 2017 in South Korea.