Jun 3 2016

See list of winners at the 52nd PaekSang Arts Awards

The 52nd PaekSang Arts Awards just finished tonight in South Korea. Big winners include Lee Joon-Ik winning the “Grand Prize” in the movie division for his films “Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet” and “The Throne.” Movie “Assassination” received the “Best Film” award. On the drama series side, the “Grand Prize” went to KBS2 drama series “Descendants of the Sun” and “Best Drama” award went to tvN drama series “Signal.”

May 30 2016

Jung Woo cast in based on a true story film “Retrial”

Actor Jung Woo is cast in new movie “Retrial” (literal title). The film is based on a real life incident that occurred on August 10, 2000 when a taxi cab driver was murdered. The police later arrested a 15-years-old boy for the crime and he confessed to the crime after undergoing extreme interrogation tactics by the police. The boy would go on to spend 10 years in jail. Jung Woo will play Lee Joon-Young. His character is the attorney who attempts to free the young man from prison and clear his name.

Meanwhile actor Kang Ha-Neul has been offered the role of the falsely accused young man and he is currently “positively considering” the offer. Movie will be directed by Kim Tae-Yoon & filming begins July, 2016 in South Korea.


May 19 2016

Teaser trailer for movie “Familyhood”

Teaser trailer for upcoming comedy-drama film “Familyhood” starring Kim Hye-Soo, Ma Dong-SeokKim Hyun-Soo. The Korean title for the film is “Goodbye Single.” Movie is directed by Kim Tae-Gon (“The Pot“/”Sunshine Boys“).

Story for “Familyhood” has Kim Hye-Soo playing actress/diva Joo-Yeon. Her character is in her 40’s and has now decided to have a baby, but she learns she is unable to. She crosses paths with a pregnant teen played by Kim Hyun-Soo at the hospital.

“Familyhood” is now scheduled for release June 29, 2016 in South Korea.

May 19 2016

Teaser trailer & poster for movie “The Hunt”

Teaser trailer & poster for upcoming movie “The Hunt” starring Ahn Sung-Ki, Cho Jin-WoongSon Hyun-JooHan Ye-Ri. Movie is directed by Lee Woo-Chul (“Cello“) and produced by Kim Han-Min (“War of the Arrows“/”Roaring Currents“). Premise for the film has a hunter played by Ahn Sung-Ki protecting local villagers against a group of hunters led by Cho Jin-Woong’s character.

“The Hunt” will be released June, 2016 in South Korea.