Sep 30 2017

Trailer for movie “Autumn Sonata”

Trailer added for upcoming melodrama film “Autumn Sonata” starring BoA and Lee Hak-Joo. Story for “Autumn Sonata” follows a woman who learns she is terminally ill and her relationship to her boyfriend whom she hoped to marry.

“Autumn Sonata” will be released October 19, 2017 in South Korea.

Sep 27 2017

Kim Hwan-Hee and Suho cast in movie “Middle School Girl A”

Kim Hwan-Hee and Suho (‘EXO’) are cast in live-action film “Middle School Girl A” (literal title). Movie is based on webcomic “Yeojoongsaeng A” by Heo5Pa6. In the film, Kim Hwan-Hee will play an introverted middle school student who is obsessed with video games. She then changes and begins to open up to other people. Movie is directed by Lee Kyung-Sub (“Miss The Train“).

“Middle School Girl A” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.

Sep 26 2017

Teaser trailer for movie “The Swindlers”

Teaser trailer added for movie “The Swindlers” starring Hyun-Bin and Yoo Ji-Tae Story for the film follows a prosecutor (Yoo Ji-Tae) as he uses three of his criminal contacts to track down a swindler who has disappeared. They attempt to recruit another swindler played by Hyun-Bin to help them.

“The Swindlers” will be released sometime this November in South Korea.

Sep 22 2017

Jung Jae-Young, Kim Nam-Gil, Uhm Ji-Won cast in movie “Strange Family”

Jung Jae-Young, Kim Nam-Gil, Uhm Ji-Won are cast in movie “Strange Family.” Also cast in the film are Lee Soo-Kyung, Jung Ga-Ram and Park In-Hwan. The movie will be the first film directed by Lee Min-Jae. In the film Jung Jae-Young, Kim Nam-Gil and Lee Soo-Kyung will play three siblings. Their father played by Park In-Hwan runs a gas station in a country village. Uhm Ji-Won is married to the oldest sibling played by Jung Jae-Young. A strange man played by Jung Ga-Ram comes to the village disturbing the peace there.

“Strange Family” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.