Nov 15 2017

Main trailer for movie “Steel Rain”

Main trailer added for upcoming movie “Steel Rain” starring Jung Woo-Sung and Kwak Do-Won. The film is based on webcomic “Steel Rain” by Yang Woo-Suk and directed by Yang Woo-Seok. Story for the film is set in the near future and has North Korean escapee Eom Chul-Woo (Jung Woo-Sung) collaborating with South Korean government official Kwak Chul-Woo (Kwak Do-Won) collaborating to prevent an all war on the Korean peninsula.

In addition, and especially good news for international fans, Korean movie distributor NEW and Netflix has reached a deal to stream 3 of NEW’s upcoming films “Steel Rain,” “Psychokinesis” and “The Chase” on Netflix worldwide. The deal between NEW and Netflix was reached during the American Film Market, when the films will be available on Netflix has not yet been revealed.

“Steel Rain” opens December 20, 2017 in South Korea.

Nov 14 2017

6 character posters for movie “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds”

Here’s 6 character posters for upcoming movie “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds.” The character posters are of Ha Jung-Woo, Cha Tae-Hyun, Ju Ji-Hoon, Kim Hyang-Gi, Lee Jung-Jae, Oh Dal-Su and Lim Won-Hee. The film features a unique fantasy element and is based on webcomic Singwa Hamgge” by Joo Ho-Min. In the upcoming movie, Ha Jung-Woo plays Gang Rim. He is the leader of the angel of deaths. He is able to overcome difficulties with an eloquent speech skill and ability to handle crisis. Cha Tae-Hyun will play Kim Ja-Hong. He is a firefighter and dies while trying to save a person at the scene of a fire. Ju Ji-Hoon will play Hae Won Maek. He is an angel of death and the top warrior in the after world. Lee Jung-Jae will play the God of Death (King Yeomra).

“Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” will be released December 20, 2017.

Nov 13 2017

Kim Tae-Woo cast in movie “Outbreak”

Kim Tae-Woo is cast for a special appearance role in movie “Outbreak” starring Hyun-Bin and Jang Dong-Gun. In the movie, Kim Tae-Woo will play Crown Prince Lee Young. Actor Kim Ju-Hyeok was first cast to play Crown Prince Lee Young, but with his unexpected death in a car accident on October 30, 2017, Kim Tae-Woo was then selected to play the role. Movie is directed by Kim Sung-Hoon (“Confidential Assignment“).

Filming for “Outbreak” began September 1, 2017 and is still ongoing.

Nov 10 2017

English subtitled teaser and two teaser posters for movie “1987: When The Day Comes”

English subtitled teaser trailer and two teaser posters added for movie “1987: When The Day Comes” starring Kim Yun-Seok and Ha Jung-Woo. The caption on the teaser poster on the left says “January, 1987, 22 year old student’s death” and the teaser poster on the right says “One person died and everything began to change.” The film is based on a true story. In 1987, a college student dies while being interrogated by the police. A prosecutor tries to uncover the truth behind his death. Movie is directed by Jang Joon-Hwan (“Hwayi: A Monster Boy”).

“1987: When The Day Comes” will be released during the winter, 2017 period.

Nov 10 2017

Teaser poster for movie “Psychokinesis”

Here’s an early teaser poster for upcoming film “Psychokinesis” starring Ryoo Seung-Ryong and Shim Eun-Kyung. Movie is the second live-action film directed by Yeon Sang-Ho and follows his hit genre film “Train To Busan.” The caption on the teaser poster states “This time it’s psychic power.” The film follows a father who uses his super power to try to save his daughter.

“Psychokinesis” will be released February, 2018 in South Korea.

Nov 1 2017

Kong Hyo-Jin cast in movies “Bbaengban” and “Door Lock”

Actress Kong Hyo-Jin is cast in two new movies “Bbaengban” and “Door Lock.” For movie “Bbaengban,” Cho Jung-Seok has been offered the lead male role and Ryoo Joon-Yeol a major supporting character role. The title of the film “Bbaengban” is a shortened term for “Bbaengsoni Sago Josaban” which means literally “Hit And Run Accident Investigation Team.” In the film, Kong Hyo-Jin will play a police officer and a member of the hit and run accident investigation team. Movie will be directed by Han Jun-Hee (“Coin Locker Girl“) and filming begins spring, 2018.

The second film Kong Hyo-Jin is cast for is “Door Lock.” The film is setup as a mystery-thriller and revolves around a woman’s psychological horror. Filming for “Door Lock” begins January, 2018.

Oct 30 2017

Actor Kim Ju-Hyeok dies from car accident

Actor Kim Ju-Hyeok got into a car accident around 4:30 PM on October 30, 2017 in Samseong Neighborhood, Gangam, Seoul, South Korea. He passed away around 6:30 PM at Konkuk University Medical Center. Kim Ju-Hyeok starred in such films as “Singles,” “The Servant,” “The Truth Beneath” and drama series like “Lovers in Prague,” “Terroir” and “Argon.” Kim Ju-Hyeok was 45 years old, not married, but dating actress Lee Yoo-Young.

Oct 26 2017

Filming for movie “Little Forest” finishes

Filming for movie “Little Forest,” starring Kim Tae-Ri, Ryoo Joon-Yeol and Jin Ki-Joo, finished October 24, 2017 at a village in North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. Filming began January 21, 2017 and filmed scenes over the course of four seasons. The film is based on Japanese manga “Little Forest” by Daisuke Igarashi and follows Japanese live-action film adaptations “Little Forest: Summer & Autumnand “Little Forest: Winter & Spring” starring Ai Hashimoto in the main character role. Story for “Little Forest” follows a young woman played by Kim Tae-Ri who leaves behind her difficult city life and returns to her hometown in the countryside.

“Little Forest” will be released sometime next year in South Koera.

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