May 4 2017

Zo In-Sung cast in movie “Ansi Fortress”

Zo In-Sung is cast for the lead male role in upcoming period film “Ansi Fortress” (literal title). Movie will be directed by Kim Kwang-Sik. In the upcoming film, Zo In-Sung will play Yang Man-Chun. His character is the lord of Ansi Fortress and commander of Goguryeo troops. The face off against a half million invading Tang forces. Actor Park Bo-Gum is currently considering an offer to play a role in the film.

Filming for “Ansi Fortress” will begin August, 2017.

Apr 27 2017

Main trailer for movie “The Merciless”

Main trailer for upcoming movie “The Merciless” starring Sol Kyung-Gu & Siwan. “The Merciless” will have its world premiere at the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival in the Midnight Screenings section. Story for “The Merciless” follows Jae-Ho (Sol Kyung-Gu) who wants to become the #1 guy in a crime organization and Hyun-Soo (Siwan) who is not afraid of anything.

“The Merciless” opens May, 2017 in South Korea.

Apr 24 2017

Two teaser posters for movie “Park Yeol”

Two teaser posters for upcoming movie “Park Yeol” starring Lee Je-Hoon. Movie is directed by Lee Joon-Ik and, similar to his last film “Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet,” “Park Yeol” is based on the life of a historical person. Park Yeol was born in 1902 and lived through a time when Japan occupied South Korea. He became an anarchist and advocated the independence of South Korea. He was arrested for conspiring to bomb the wedding of Crown Prince Hirohito.

“Park Yeol” is set for release June 29, 2017 in South Korea.

Apr 18 2017

Kim Ju-Hyeok cast in movie “Heungbu”

Kim Ju-Hyeok is cast in movie “Heungbu” co-starring Jung Woo. Movie will be directed by Jo Keun-Hyun (“26 Years“). Screenplay for “Heungbu” is set in historical times when the power struggles of noblemen brought great difficulties to the people of Joseon. Kim Ju-Hyeok will play nobleman Jo Hyuk. His character brings enlightenment to writer Yeon Heung-Bu (Jung Woo). Filming for “Heungbu” begins May, 2017.