Mar 28 2018

First still images of Han Ga-In in OCN drama series “Mistress”

Here’s the first still images of Han Ga-In in upcoming OCN drama series “Mistress.” In the drama series, Han Ga-In plays Jan Se-Yeon. She has lived with just her daughter since her husband went missing 2 years ago in a ship accident. She runs a cafe and she thinks her husband might still be alive. Drama series is a remake of UK television series “Mistresses.”

“Mistress” first airs April 28, 2018 in South Korea.

Mar 27 2018

First script reading for tvN drama series “Lawless Lawyer”

First script reading for tvN drama series “Lawless Lawyer,” starring Lee Joon-Gi and Seo Ye-Ji, took place February 28, 2018 at Studio Dragon in Sangamdong, Seoul, South Korea. At the first script reading, main cast members including Lee Joon-Gi , Seo Ye-Ji, Lee Hye-YoungChoi Min-SooYum Hye-Ran and Lee Dae-Yeon all attended. The first script reading took over 3 hours to complete. The drama series has Lee Joon-Gi playing Bong Sang-Pil. He used to be a gang member, but he now works as a lawyer. Seo Ye-Ji plays enthusiastic lawyer Ha Jae-Yi. Lee Hye-Young plays respected Judge Cha Moon-Sook, but she is actually highly corrupt. Choi Min-Soo plays An O-Joo. He is a former gang member, but now CEO of a large company.

“Lawless Lawyer” first airs May 12, 2018 in South Korea.

Mar 27 2018

Lee Sun-Bin cast in JTBC drama series “Sketch”

Lee Sun-Bin is cast for the lead female role in upcoming JTBC drama series “Sketch” co-starring Rain and Lee Dong-Gun. In the drama series, Lee Sun-Bin will play a female detective with the ability to see 3 days into the future. She sketches what she sees.

Filming for “Sketch” begins March 10, 2018 and the drama series will fist air May, 2018 in South Korea.


Mar 26 2018

Song Yoon-A cast in SBS drama series “Secret Mother”

Song Yoon-A is cast in upcoming SBS drama series “Secret Mother” (literal title). The drama series will air on Saturday evenings beginning May 12, 2018 in South Korea. In the drama series, Song Yoon-A will play Kim Yoon-Jin. She is a former psychiatrist, but she is now focused on her family. She wants to help her son enter a good college and hires a mysterious expert to help him. Kim So-Yeon has been offered the role of the mysterious expert and she is positively considering the offer. Kim Tae-WooSong Jae-Rim and Seo Young-Hee have all been offered major supporting character roles and they are positively considering.

Mar 26 2018

Park Hae-Jin still images from drama series “Four Men”

Here’s still images of Park Hae-Jin in upcoming drama series “Four Men.” The still images are from a scene in which Park Hae-Jin plays the character of Chen. In the drama series, Park Hae-Jin plays 4 different characters: Kang Il-Hoon, Chen, Dong-Jin and Michael. The character of Chen is that of a calm killer. He is introverted and hardly talks, but after he meets Yeo Rin (Nana) he changes.

“Four Men” will air in the second half of this year in South Korea, but exact broadcasting station has yet to be decided.

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Mar 24 2018

Woo Do-Hwan offered villain role in movie “Saja”

Woo Do-Hwan, currently starring in MBC drama series “Great Seducer,” has been offered a major supporting character role in upcoming movie “Saja.” Currently, Woo Do-Hwan is considering the offer and he has not made a decision yet. If he accepts, Woo Do-Hwan will play a villain who is in conflict with the lead character (Park Seo-Joon has been offered the lead character role, but has not yet decided). Movie is written and directed by Kim Joo-Hwan (“Midnight Runners“).

Filming for “Saja” will begin in the second half of this year.

Mar 23 2018

Chang Ki-Yong and Jin Ki-Joo cast in MBC drama series “Come Here and Give Me A Hug”

Chang Ki-Yong and Jin Ki-Joo are cast in upcoming MBC drama series “Come Here and Give Me A Hug” (literal title). Veteran actor Heo Jun-Ho is also cast for a major supporting role. The drama series will follow a young detective (Chang Ki-Yong) and a popular actress (Jin Ki-Joo). They are both tied to a murder case that took place in their past. Heo Jun-Ho plays a serial killer.

“Come Here and Give Me A Hug” first airs May 16, 2018 in South Korea.