Apr 5 2019

Character teaser trailers for OCN drama series “Voice 3”

Character teaser trailers added of Lee Ha-Na and Lee Jin-Wook for upcoming OCN drama series “Voice 3.”

The character teaser trailer of Lee Ha-Na as Kang Kwon-Joo has Lee Ha-Na stating in Korean “I will save lives as long as I can hear.” Captions follow in the teaser that states “Profiler Kang Kwon-Joo whose voice saves lives.”

The character teaser trailer of Lee Jin-Wook as Do Kang-Woo has Lee Jin-Wook stating “No. I will catch with my hands even if I become a monster.”

“Voice 3” first airs May, 2019 in South Korea.

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Apr 4 2019

Go Won-Hee cast in KBS2 drama series “Perfume”

Go Won-Hee is cast for the lead female role in KBS2 drama series “Perfume” co-starring Shin Sung-Rok. Also cast in supporting roles are Cha Ye-Ryun, Kim Min-Kyu and Ha Jae-Suk. Go Won-Hee and Ha Jae-Suk will play the same character. For the drama series, Go Won-Hee will play Min Ye-Rin. She is a rising star model with a lovely figure. Genius fashion designer Seo Yi-Do (Shin Sung-Rok) and popular idol star Yoon Min-Seok (Kim Min-Kyu) are both enamored with her.

“Perfume” first airs June, 2019 in South Korea.

Apr 3 2019

Teaser trailer 3 for SBS drama series “The Secret Life of My Secretary”

Teaser trailer #3 added for upcoming SBS drama series “The Secret Life of My Secretary” starring Kim Young-Kwang and Jin Ki-Joo. While teaser trailer #1 introduced Kim Young-Kwang as Do Min-Ik and teaser trailer #2 introduced Jin Ki-Joo as Jung Gal-Hee, teaser trailer #3 shows the couple together briefly. Narration starts with Kim Young-‘s voice stating “After I did not see you, I began to love you.” The catchy Korean indie pop background track is “Surfer” by 1415 (YouTube link to the band).

“The Secret Life of My Secretary” first airs May 6, 2019 in South Korea.

Apr 3 2019

Kim So-Hyun cast in KBS2 drama series “Tale of Nok-Du”

Kim So-Hyun is cast in KBS2 drama series “Tale of Nok-Du” (literal title). The gender bender period drama series is based on webcomic “Nokdujeon” by Hye Jin Yang. In the drama series, Kim So-Hyun will play a young woman who is apprenticing to become a gisaeng. She doesn’t want to become a gisaeng, but doesn’t have a choice. A man named Nok-Du, who is hiding out in the village as a woman, then adopts her to save her from a dangerous situation.

“Tale of Nok-Du” first airs September, 2019 in South Korea.

Apr 2 2019

Jung Jae-Young, Jung Yoo-Mi & Oh Man-Seok cast in MBC drama series “Partners for Justice Season 2”

Jung Jae-Young, Jung Yoo-Mi and Oh Man-Seok are cast in MBC drama series “Partners for Justice Season 2.” Actor No Min-Woo was already announced cast for the drama series. No Min-Woo will play new character Jang Cheol, while Jung Jae-Young, Jung Yoo-Mi and Oh Man-Seok will all reprise their roles from 2018 MBC drama series “Partners for Justice.”

“Partners for Justice Season 2” will air from June, 2019 in South Korea (takes over MBC’s Monday and Tuesday 10PM time slot after “Special Labor Inspector.”).

Apr 2 2019

Teaser trailers for tvN drama series “Abyss”

First two teaser trailers added for upcoming tvN drama series “Abyss” starring Park Bo-Young and Ahn Hyo-Seop. Caption on both of the teaser states in Korean “Abyss: Spirit Revive Bead.” Teaser trailer #1 features Park Bo-Young as Ko Se-Yeon. She asks in Korean “Abyss this bead revived me, but why did my appearance change?” Teaser trailer #2 features Ahn Hyo-Seop as Cha Min’s. He states in Korean “Abyss. Because of this bead, I was revived with this appearance.”

“Abyss” first airs May, 2019 in South Korea.

Apr 2 2019

SBS drama series “Absolute Boyfriend” to air from May, 2019

SBS drama series “Absolute Boyfriend,” starring Yeo Jin-Goo and Minah (Girl’s Day), is now scheduled to first air May, 2019. The drama series will slot into SBS’ Wednesday and Thursday 10PM time slot after “Big Issue” finishes. The drama series is a 100% preproduction (filming completed before airing). “Absolute Boyfriend” is based on manga series “Zettai Kareshi” by Yuu Watase.

Meanwhile, big budget drama series “Vagabond,” starring Lee Seung-Gi and Bae Suzy, was scheduled to air in the May, Wednesday & Thursday 10PM time slot that “Absolute Boyfriend” has taken, but airing of “Vagabond” has been pushed back to the second half of 2019. Filming for “Vagabond” has taken longer than planned and Netflix is currently in discussions to stream the drama series concurrently when it airs on SBS. Filming for “Vagabaond” was initially planned to finish at the end of 2018, but filming will now finish May, 2019.

Apr 2 2019

First script reading for JTBC drama series “The Wind Blows”

First script reading for upcoming JTBC drama series “The Wind Blows” (literal title), starring Kam Woo-Sung and Kim Ha-Neul, took place March 21, 2019 in South Korea. At the first script reading, main cast members including Kam Woo-Sung, Kim Ha-Neul, Kim Sung-Cheol, Kim Ga-Eun, Lee Joon-Hyuk, Yoon Ji-Hye and Park Hyo-Joo were in attendance. After the script reading finished, Kam Woo-Sung stated “Long, but short journey started. I am thrilled and excited. Yet, I’m in a blank state. I wonder what kind of painting we will draw.” Kim Ha-Neul stated “During the first script reading, I felt this drama will be warm, fun and interesting. I am asking for a lot of attention and love.”

“The Wind Blows” first airs May 27, 2019 (takes over JTBC’s Monday and Tuesday 9:30 PM time slot after “Welcome to Waikiki 2.”).

Apr 1 2019

Shin Sung-Rok cast in KBS2 drama series “Perfume”

Shin Sung-Rok is cast for the lead male role in new KBS2 drama series “Perfume.” Actress Koh Joon-Hee has already received an offer to play the lead female character and she is still “positively considering” her offer. The screenplay features fantasy elements that would fit nicely in a tvN drama series, centering around a mysterious bottle of perfume that transforms a middle-aged woman into a young woman who becomes a model. Shin Sung-Rok will play fashion designer Seo Yi-Do. He’s a successful fashion designer and has a mean personality.

“Perfume” will first air June, 2019 in South Korea.