Nov 23 2018

Han Ye-Seul offered lead female role in SBS drama series “Big Issue”

Han Ye-Seul has been offered the lead female role in new SBS drama series “Big Issue.” Actor Joo Jin-Mo has already received an offer to play the lead male role for the drama series. Both performers are currently considering their offers. If Han Ye-Seul accepts, she will play Ji Soo-Hyun. She works as the chief editor of a paparazzi group and she is notorious at her work. Filming for the drama series will begin December, 2018.

“Big Issue” will first air February, 2019 taking over SBS’ Wednesday and Thursday 10PM time slot after “The Last Empress.”

Nov 20 2018

Teaser trailer #1 for SBS drama series “My Strange Hero”

Teaser trailer #1 added for upcoming SBS drama series “My Strange Hero” (literal title “Bok-Soo’s Back”) starring Yoo Seung-Ho and Jo Bo-Ah. The prior teasers were actually “pre-teasers” for the drama series. Teaser trailer #1 shows Kang Bok-Soo (Yoo Seung-Ho) returning into the life of teacher Son Soo-Jung (Jo Bo-Ah). She’s not sure how or when he came back.

“My Strange Hero” first airs December 10, 2018 in South Korea.

Nov 20 2018

Teaser trailer #2 for SBS drama special “He Hymn of Death”

Teaser trailer #2 added for SBS drama special “He Hymn of Death” starring Lee Jong-Suk and Shin Hye-Sun. Teaser trailer #2 begins with narration by Lee Jong-Suk stating “Hot, this heart.. stuffy, this heart” Meanwhile, below are the first still images of Shin Hye-Sun and Lee Jong-Suk from the drama special. “He Hymn of Death” is based on the true story of Korea’s first professional soprano Yun Sim-Deok and Kim Woo-Jin.

“He Hymn of Death” first airs November 27, 2018 in South Korea.

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Nov 20 2018

Teaser trailer #2 and dance poster for KBS2 drama series “Just Dance”

Teaser trailer #2 added for upcoming KBS2 drama series “Just Dance.” Meanwhile, above is a dance poster for the drama series. On the poster are Park Se-Wan, Jang Dong-Yoon, Lee Joo-Young, Joo Hae-Eun, Shin Do-Hyun, Lee Yoo-Mi and Kim Soo-Hyun. Shooting for the poster took place October, 2018 in Geoje, South Korea. While filming for the drama series, the 6 actresses and 1 actor live together in Geoje. This is to build chemistry and friendship for the drama series.

“Just Dance” will first air December 3, 2018 in South Korea.