Dec 6 2018

Jin Young cast in tvN drama series “That Psychometric Guy”

Jin Young from boy band “Got7” is cast in tvN drama series “That Psychometric Guy” (literal title) co-starring Shin Ye-Eun. Jin Young will play lead male character Lee An. The character of Lee An has a special psychometric ability. Whenever he touches someone, he can read their memories. Genre for the drama series will feature a mixture of fantasy, romance, thriller and will be directed by Kim Byung-Soo (“The Bride of Habaek“/”A Korean Odyssey “)

“That Psychometric Guy” first airs sometime during the first half of 2019 in South Korea.

Dec 5 2018

Park Min-Young offered lead role in drama series “Her Private Life”

Park Min-Young has been offered the lead role in drama series “Her Private Life” (literal title). Currently, Park Min-Young is considering the offer. If she accepts the offer, Park Min-Young will play lead female character Jo A-Ra. She runs a fan site for an idol group and has a huge crush on band member Min-Joon. She even hires his older brother to work at her restaurant to find out more about his younger brother, but of course she begins to like the older brother. The drama series is based on novel “Noona Paen Datkom” by Kim Sung-Yeon.

“Her Private Life” will air sometime next year in South Korea.

Dec 4 2018

Teaser trailer #3 and character posters for SBS drama series “My Strange Hero”

Teaser trailer #3 added for upcoming SBS drama series “My Strange Hero” starring Yoo Seung-Ho and Jo Bo-Ah. Teaser trailer #3 begins with a voice over stating “Our classroom goddess, she is pretty today as always.” Jo Bo-Ah’s then states the name of “Kang Bok-Su” and Yoo Seung-Ho’s voice states “She is not pretty. If I had long hair like her, I would be prettier than her. She is two-faced.”

Meanwhile, below are five character posters for the upcoming drama series. The character posters are of Yoo Seung-Ho as Kang Bok-Su, Jo Bo-Ah as Son Soo-Jeong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Oh Se-Ho, Kim Dong-Young as Lee Gyeong-Hyeon and Park Ah-In as Yang Min-Ji.

“My Strange Hero” first airs December 10, 2018 in South Korea.

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Dec 3 2018

Teaser poster for Netflix drama series “Kingdom”

Here’s a teaser poster for upcoming Netflix drama series “Kingdom” starring Ju Ji-HoonBae Doo-Na and Ryoo Seung-Ryong. The teaser poster features Ju Ji-Hoon as Crown Prince Lee Chang. Caption on the teaser poster states “End of Joseon, the people who starve for blood wake up.” Story for the drama series revolves around zombies during the Joseon period.

“Kingdom” will be available for streaming from January 25. 2019.

Dec 1 2018

Teaser trailer for tvN drama series “The Crowned Clown”

First teaser trailer added for tvN drama series “The Crowned Clown” (English title) starring Yeo Jin-Goo and Lee Se-Young. The upcoming drama series is a remake of 2012 movie “Masquerade” starring Lee Byung-Hun in the dual roles of the King and a clown. Meanwhile, still images below is of Lee Se-Young as Queen Yoo So-Woon in the drama series.

Teaser trailer #1 also reveals that “The Crowned Clown” will first air January 7, 2019 in South Korea (takes over tvN’s Monday and Tuesday 9:30 PM time slot after “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter“).

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Nov 28 2018

Ji Jin-Hee offered lead role in tvN drama series “Designated Survivor”

Ji Jin-Hee has been offered the lead role in new tvN drama series “Designated Survivor.” The drama series is a remake of U.S. TV series “Designated Survivor” starring Kiefer Sutherland. Currently, Ji Jin-Hee is considering his offer. If he accepts, Ji Jin-Hee will play main character Park Moo-Jin. He holds the Minister of Environment government position, but an explosion at a Presidential speech kills all higher ranking government officers. Park Moo-Jin then becomes the President for the next 60 days and he works to find who is responsible for the explosion.

“Designated Survivor” will first air sometime in the first half of 2019 in South Korea,