Nov 3 2015

first script reading for MBC every1 drama series “Imaginary Cat”

First script reading for upcoming MBC every1 drama series “Imaginary Cat” took place recently at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, South Korea. At the script reading, main cast members Yoo Seung-Ho, Cho Hye-Jung and Scholar (from Kpop girl group ‘MAMAMOO’) all attended. Drama series “Imaginary Cat” is based on webcomic “Sangsanggoyangi” by Kim Gyung.

“Imaginary Cat” first airs November 24, 2015 in South Korea.

Nov 2 2015

Park Seo-Joon, Go Ara and Park Hyung-Sik offered lead roles in new period drama series “Hwarang”

Actor Park Seo-Joon, actress Go Ara and actor Park Hyung-Sik (ZE:A) have been offered lead roles in new period drama series “Hwarang.” The title of the drama series refers to an elite group of young men known as “Hwarang” or “Flowering Knights” that existed during the Silla Kingdom. The Hwarang were accomplished in physical activities like horsemanship and swordsmanship, but also known for their beauty.

Currently all three lead actors are “considering” offers to take part in the drama series. In addition, KBS2 has been in discussions to air the drama series beginning this January in South Korea.

Nov 2 2015

new still images of So Ji-Sub in KBS2 drama “Oh My Venus”

Here’s new still images of actor So Ji-Sub in upcoming KBS2 drama series “Oh My Venus” also starring Shin Min-A.

The new still images were shot during filming for the drama series on October 24, 2015 at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. Filming took about 3 hours to complete.

Meanwhile, a second teaser trailer featuring So Ji-Sub working out can be viewed at AsianWiki.

“Oh My Venus” first airs November 16, 2015 in South Korea.


Nov 2 2015

Choi Jung-Won cast in SBS drama series “Witch’s Castle”

Actress Choi Jung-Won is cast in new SBS weekday morning drama series “Witch’s Castle” also starring Seo Ji-Suk, Yoo Ji-In & Shin Dong-Mi. This will be Choi Jung-Won’s first acting role in a weekday morning drama series.

Story for “Witch’s Castle” follows a young divorcee (Choi Jung-Won) who begins to live with her former mother-in-law and sister-in-law after they also divorce.

“Witch’s Castle” first airs December 14, 2015 in South Korea.

Oct 30 2015

character cuts for SBS drama series “Saimdang, the Herstory”

First character cuts from upcoming SBS drama series “Saimdang, the Herstory” starring Lee Young-Ae and Song Seung-Heon.

The character cuts are of leads Lee Young-Ae and Song Seung-Heon. Shooting for the character cuts took place on October 18, 2015 in Hwaseong, South Korea. Actress Lee Young-Ae last starred in a drama series in 2003 MBC drama series “A Jewel in the Palace.”

Saimdang, the Herstory will first air sometime during the first half of 2016 in South Korea.

Oct 26 2015

Namgung Min cast in SBS drama series “Remember”

Actor Namgung Min is cast in upcoming SBS drama series “Remember” (working title) starring Yoo Seung-Ho and Park Min-Young.

In drama series “Remember,” Namgung Min will play Nam Gyoo-Man. His character is the successor of a large chaebol corporation. Nam Gyoo-Man lives in extreme luxury and has a dissipated life. When he gets upset, he can’t control his emotions. He is the one responsible for placing Seo Jin-Woo (Yoo Seung-Ho) in a critical situation. His character is an absolute evil person.

“Remember” first airs this December in South Korea.

Oct 26 2015

Han Ye-Seul and Sung Joon cast in JTBC drama series “Madame Antoine”

Actress Han Ye-Seul and actor Sung Joon are now cast in upcoming JTBC drama series “Madame Antoine.” The drama series is scripted by Hong Jin-Ah (“The King 2hearts“/”Beethoven Virus“) and directed by Kim Yun-Cheol (“Can We Love“/”Can We Get Married?“).

In the romantic-comedy drama series “Madame Antoine,” Han Ye-Seul will play famous fortune teller Ko Hye-Rim. Although she is intelligent and able to use her senses to make deductions from people’s stories, she is a fake. She goes by the name Madame Antoine and claims she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette. Meanwhile, Sung Joon plays psychotherapist Choi Soo-Hyun. He doesn’t believe in true love and sets out to conduct a project to prove that. Fortune teller Ko Kye-Rim takes part in his test. The name of his treatment center also happens to be “Madame Antoine.”

“Madame Antoine” first airs November 27, 2015 in South Korea.