Mar 9 2016

Yeo Jin-Goo’s teaser poster for SBS drama series “Jackpot”

Here’s Yeo Jin-Goo‘s teaser poster for upcoming SBS drama series “Jackpot” also starring Jang Keun-Suk & Lim Ji-Yeon.

In drama series “Jackpot,” Yeo Jin-Goo plays Prince Yeoning (who later becomes King Yeongjo). His mother, Concubine Choi (Yoon Jin-Seo), worked as a maid in the palace. Due to his mother’s background, Prince Yeoning endures a cruel situation. His situation leads him to become a cold person.

Jackpot first airs March 28, 2016 in South Korea.

Mar 9 2016

Chun Jung-Myung & Cho Jae-Hyun cast in KBS2 drama series “Master: God of Noodles”

Chun Jung-Myung & Cho Jae-Hyun are cast in new KBS2 drama series “Master: God of Noodles” (literal title). The drama series is based on the comic “Kooksooui Sin” by Park In-Kwon.

In “Master: God of Noodles,” Chun Jung-Myung will play the lead role of Moo-Myung. His character tries to become the god of noodles to take revenge on Kim Gil-Do for what he did to his father. Cho Jae-Hyun will play Kim Gil-Do. His character decided to become evil to survive his tough situation.

“Master: God of Noodles” will air Wednesdays & Thursdays at 10PM beginning April 20, 2016 in South Korea (takes over the time slot currently occupied by”Descendants of the Sun“).

Mar 8 2016

KBS2 drama series “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” to air from August, 2016

Upcoming KBS2 period drama series “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” starring Park Bo-Gum, is now slotted to first air August, 2016 in South Korea. The drama series will air on Mondays & Tuesdays at 10pm taking over the time slot from drama series “Beautiful Mind.” Lead female actress has yet to be confirmed for “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” but Kim Ji-Won is currently weighting an offer to play the role.


Mar 8 2016

Kim Sae-Ron cast in JTBC drama series “Mirror of the Witch”

Kim Sae-Ron is now cast in JTBC drama series “Mirror of the Witch” co-starring Yoon Si-Yoon. In the drama series, Kim Sae-Ron will play Princess Seo-Ri. Her character is abandoned in the mountains by her mother Queen Sim after a curse is place on her. There in the mountains, she meets Heo Jun (Yoon Si-Yoon). Heo Jun is an illegitimate child, which rules out becoming a government officer. Seo-Ri and Heo Jun fall in love.

“Mirror of the Witch” first airs this May in South Korea.



Mar 7 2016

Kim Sae-Ron offered lead role in JTBC drama series “Mirror of the Witch”

Kim Sae-Ron has been offered the lead female role in upcoming JTBC drama series “Mirror of the Witch” co-starring Yoon Si-Yoon. Currently, Kim Sae-Ron is in the final stages of contract negotiations to take the part. Actor Kwak Si-Yang has also been offered a major supporting role in the drama series.

If Kim Sae-Ron is cast for the drama series, she will play Seo-Ri. Her character was born as a princess, but became a witch. She has a special ability, but is unable to control her special ability. This leads people to call her a witch. Seo-Ri tries to lift the curse.

Story for the drama series is inspired by the book “Dongui Bogam” written by royal physician Heo Jun.