Oct 1 2017

Shin Se-Kyung offered lead role in KBS2 drama series “The Black Knight”

Shin Se-Kyung has been offered the lead female role in upcoming KBS2 drama series “The Black Knight” (literal title). Kim Rae-Won has already received an offer to play the lead male role. Both performers are currently considering their offers. If Shin Se-Kyung accepts the offer, she will play Jung Hae-Ra. Her character works at a travel agency and she supports her family. The lead male character is Moon Soo-Ho. He went through an unhappy childhood, but is now a successful businessman. Shin Se-Kyung has previously worked with “The Black Knight”‘s screenwriter Kim In-Young in 2013 MBC drama series “When a Man Loves.”

“The Black Knight” will first air December, 2017 in South Korea.

Sep 30 2017

Teaser trailer for JTBC drama series “Just Between Lovers”

First teaser trailers added for upcoming JTBC drama series “Just Between Lovers” (literal title) starring Lee Joon-Ho (‘2PM’) and Won Jin-A. Meanwhile, here’s the first still images of Lee Joon-Ho from the drama series. For “Just Between Lovers,” Lee Joon-Ho plays Lee Gang-Doo. He wanted to become a soccer player, but an accident ended those dreams. He then meets Moon-Soo (Won Jin-A).

“Just Between Lovers” first airs December, 2017 in South Korea.

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Sep 29 2017

Teaser trailer for OCN drama series “Bad Guys 2”

First teaser trailer added for OCN drama series “Bad Guys 2” starring Park Joong-Hoon, Joo Jin-Mo, Yang Ik-June and Kim Moo-Yul. As the title suggests, the drama series is a sequel to 2014 OCN drama series “Bad Guys,” but with a new cast playing new characters. The new cast is led by Park Joong-Hoon playing Prosecutor Woo Je-Moon. He recruits the bad guys who will work as a team to punish violent criminals. His team includes Joo Jin-Mo playing Heo Il-Hoo. He is a former mafia gang member. Yang Ik-June plays Detective Jang Sung-Cheol. Judging by his still image and his brief appearance in the teaser trailer, one may infer that the elevator may not go all the way to the top floor for him. Lastly, Kim Moo-Yul will play Rookie Prosecutor No Jin-Pyeong.

“Bad Guys 2” first airs December, 2017 in South Korea.

Sep 28 2017

Drama series “Melo Holic” to air on OCN

Drama series “Melo Holic,” starring U-Know Yunho (TVXQ) and Kyung Soo-Jin, is now set to air on cable channel OCN starting November 6, 2017. “Melo Holic” is based on the webcomic of same name by Team Getname. Premise for the drama series will tell a love story between Yoo Eun-Ho (U-Know Yunho) and Han Ye-Ri (Kyung Soo-Jin). Yoo Eun-Ho has a special ability to read people’s minds and Han Ye-Ri has two different personaities. “Melo Holic” will air on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9PM.

Sep 28 2017

Yoon Gyun-Sang offered lead role in KBS2 drama series “Jugglers”

Yoon Gyun-Sang has been offered a lead role in new KBS2 drama series “Jugglers.” If Yoon Gyun-Sang accepts, he will play a man who has turned away interests and relationships from other people. He begins working with a woman who has lived her life passively. They work together as boss and secretary.

“Jugglers” will first air sometime this December in South Korea (will take over KBS2’s Monday and Tuesday 10PM time slot after “Witch’s Court“).

Sep 27 2017

First script reading for JTBC drama series “Untouchable”

First script reading for JTBC drama series “Untouchable” took place August 17, 2017 at JTBC building in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea. Main cast members including Jin Goo, Kim Sung-Kyun, Jung Eun-Ji (‘Apink’), Koh Joon-HeePark Geun-Hyung, Choi Jong-Won, Jin Kyung and Park Won-Sang all attended. The first script reading took about 3 hours to finish.

Drama series “Untouchable” follows the lives of two brothers: Jang Joon-Seo (Jin Goo) and Jang Ki-Seo (Kim Sung-Kyun). Younger brother Jang Joon-Seo loses his wife and faces an ugly truth about his family.

“Untouchable” first airs November 24, 2017 in South Korea.

Sep 27 2017

Chae Soo-Bin cast in MBC drama series “I’m Not a Robot”

Chae Soo-Bin is now cast for the lead female role in upcoming MBC drama series “I’m Not a Robot” co-starring Yoo Seung-Ho. In the drama series, Chae Soo-Bin will play Jo Ji-A. She helps others when they are in need and runs a small business. Her ex-boyfriend Hong Baek-Gyun asks her to act like a robot.

Meanwhile, Uhm Ki-Joon is cast to play the supporting character of Hong Baek-Gyun. He is the ex-boyfriend of Jo Ji-A and is a genius engineer in robotics. He created the android robot “Aji” with artificial intelligence.

“I’m Not a Robot” will first air November, 2017 in South Korea.