Dec 22 2015

first script reading for SBS drama series “Hello My Precious Person”

First script reading for upcoming SBS drama series “Hello My Precious Person” (literal title) took place December 22, 2015 in South Korea. The drama series stars Rain, Oh Yeon-Seo and Lee Min-Jung and is based on 2001 Japanese novel “Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan” by Jiro Asada. The novel was previously adapted into 2006 film “Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan” and 2009 TV Asahi drama special “Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan.”

In drama series “Hello My Precious Person,” Rain plays department store manager Lee Hae-Joon. His body is possessed by a man who was previously worked to death. Oh Yeon-Seo plays a beautiful woman who is possessed by the spirit of a tough guy played by Kim Su-Ro. Lee Min-Jung plays a widow who falls into a love triangle with Lee Hae-Joon and another employee at the department store.

“Hello My Precious Person” first airs March, 2016 in South Korea (takes over SBS’ Wednesday and Thursday 9:55 PM time slot after “Remember“).

Dec 21 2015

2nd teaser trailer for KBS2 drama series “Moorim School”

2nd teaser trailer added for upcoming KBS2 drama series “Moorim School” starring Lee Hyun-Woo, Seo Ye-Ji, Hong Bin and Jeong Eu-Gene. The 2nd teaser trailer runs for about 90 seconds and features behind the scene footage of the upcoming drama series.

Meanwhile, still images above are of male cast members Lee Hyun-Woo, Hong Bin (from idol group VIXX), Alexander, POP (from Thailand), Han Geun-Sub and Park Sin-Woo. These are the first still images of Alexander, POP, Han Geun-Sub and Park Sin-Woo in the drama series.

In the upcoming drama series Lee Hyun-Woo plays Shi-Woo. His character is a member of an idol group. He isn’t nice to other people and thus doesn’t have friends. Hong Bin plays Chi-Ang. His character’s family runs the largest Chinese corporation. He is bright. Alexander plays Yub Jung. His character hails from Hong Kong. He hangs out with Nadet (POP) who is a Thai national. Nadet excels at science. Han Geun-Sub plays Choi Ho. He attends Moorim School to become a master of the martial arts. This is in part due to being bullied in his past. Park Sin-Woo plays Sang-Man. He attends Moorim School to get a better job. Han Jong-Young plays Dong-Goo. His character excels at fencing.

“Moorim School” first airs January 11, 2016 in South Korea.

Dec 20 2015

Jo Yoon-Hee cast in tvN drama series “Pied Piper”

Actress Jo Yoon-Hee is now cast in upcoming tvN drama series “Pied Piper” (working title). The drama series has already cast actors Shin Ha-Kyun, Yu Jun-Sang and Sung Dong-Il.

In drama series “Pied Piper,” Jo Yoon-Hee will play Yeo Myung-Ha. Her character is a police lieutenant and member of a police crisis negotiation team. Even though she is not great at communicating like Joo Sung-Chan (Shin Ha-Kyun), every word she says has sincerity and she has a great ability to understand other people’s mind.

“Pied Piper” first airs March, 2016 in South Korea.

Dec 18 2015

Teaser #2 and #3 for tvN drama series “Signal”

Teaser #2 and #3 added for upcoming tvN drama series “Signal” starring Lee Je-Hoon, Kim Hye-Soo and Cho Jin-Woong. Drama series tells the story of detectives from the present day and the past communicating together via a walkie-talkie. They work together to crack an unsolved serial murder case. The specific serial murder case was also depicted in 2003 movie “Memories of Murder” and 2014 tvN drama series “Gap Dong.”

“Signal” first airs January 22, 2016 in South Korea.