Jan 25 2017

First script reading for MBC drama series “Ruler: Master of the Mask”

First script reading for upcoming MBC drama series “Ruler: Master of the Mask,” starring Yoo Seung-Ho & Kim So-Hyun, took place December 23, 2016 at MBC Broadcasting Station in Sangam, South Korea. The first script reading began at 10 AM and finished late in the afternoon. First script reading was attended by main cast members including Yoo Seung-Ho, Kim So-Hyun, L (‘INFINITE’) & Yoon So-Hee.

“Ruler: Master of the Mask” first airs May, 2017 in South Korea (takes over MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday 10PM time slot after “Self Radiation Office“).

Jan 24 2017

Ko Ah-Sung and Ha Seok-Jin cast in MBC drama series “Self Radiation Office”

Ko Ah-Sung and Ha Seok-Jin are cast for lead roles in upcoming MBC drama series “Self Radiation Office” (literal title). For the drama series, Ko Ah-Sung  will play Eun Ho-Won. She has difficulties in finding a job and, making things worse for her, she learns that she might be terminally ill. Eun Ho-Won then lands a job as a contract worker at a furniture company. Ha Seok-Jin will play Seo Woo-Jin. He works as a marketing chief at the same furniture company. He is a workaholic and places results as a priority. He gives Eun Ho-Won a hard time.

“Self Radiation Office” will first air March, 2017 in South Korea (takes over MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday 10PM time slot after “Missing Nine“).

Jan 24 2017

Cho Seung-Woo and Bae Doo-Na cast in tvN drama series “Secret Forest”

Cho Seung-Woo and Bae Doo-Na are now cast in new tvN drama series “Secret Forest” (literal title). In the drama series Cho Sung-Woo will play lead male character Hwang Shi-Mok. He is an emotionless, but moral prosecutor. Bae Doo-Na will play lead female character Han Yeo-Jin. Her character works as a police lieutenant. They work together to solve a serial murder case and uncover corruption at the prosecutor’s office. Lee Joon-Hyuk and Lee Kyoung-Young are cast in supporting roles.

The first script reading for “Secret Forest” is scheduled to take place at the end of this month in South Korea.

Jan 23 2017

Moon Chae-Won offered lead female role in tvN drama series “Bride of the Water God 2017”

Moon Chae-Won has been offered the lead female role in upcoming tvN drama series “Bride of the Water God 2017.” Currently she is considering the offer. Actor Nam Joo-Hyuk has already received an offer to play the lead male role and he is still considering the offer.

If Moon Chae-Won accepts, she will play psychiatrist So-A. The drama series is based on webcomic “Habaekui Shinboo” which is set in a historical time period, but the drama series will be set in the present day and also feature new characters.

“Bride of the Water God 2017” will air sometime during the second half of 2017 in South Korea.

Jan 19 2017

Lee Sang-Yoon offered lead male role in SBS drama series “Whisper”

Lee Sang-Yoon has been offered the lead male role in upcoming SBS drama series “Whisper” which has just cast Lee Bo-Young in the lead female role. Lee Sang-Yoon is currently considering the offer positively. Lee Sang-Yoon previously starred with Lee Bo-Young in 2012-2013 KBS2 drama series “Seo-Young, My Daughter.”

If Lee Sang-Yoon accepts his offer, he will play Lee Dong-Joon. His character works as judge with a high set of morals. He works with a charismatic detective played by Lee Bo-Young while uncovering corruption at the biggest law firm in the country.

“Whisper” will first air this March in South Korea (takes over SBS’ Monday and Tuesday 10PM time slot after “Defendant“).

Jan 17 2017

Rain and Kim Tae-Hee announce their marriage

Singer/actor Rain and actress Kim Tae-Hee have announced that they will marry on January 19, 2017 at a Catholic Church in Seoul, South Korea. The couple first met while shooting a commercial in autumn, 2012 and began to date. They announced to the press they were officially a couple in January, 2013.