Mar 9 2017

Jang Seo-Hee, Oh Yoon-Ah, Dasom and Lee Ji-Hoon cast in SBS drama series “Unni is Alive”

Jang Seo-Hee, Oh Yoon-Ah, Dasom (‘Sistar’) and Lee Ji-Hoon are all cast in upcoming SBS weekend drama series “Unni is Alive” starring Kim Joo-Hyun. Story for the drama series follows three women who go through difficult times all at the same time and rely on each other for support. For “Unni is Alive,” Jang Seo-Hee will play Min Deul-Re. Her character was once a popular actress, but she is now relegated to obscurity. Oh Yoon-Ah will play Kim Eun-Hyang. She is a former secretary, but now a full-time mother for her daughter. Dasom will play Yang Dal-Hee. She is a rival to Kang Ha-Ri (Kim Joo-Hyun). Lastly, Lee Ji-Hoon will play Seol Gi-Chan. He is involved in a love triangle with Kang Ha-Ri and Yang Dal-Hee.

“Unni is Alive” first airs April 15, 2017 in South Korea.

Mar 9 2017

Teaser posters for movie “The Proxy Soldiers”

Teaser posters for upcoming movie “The Proxy Soldiers” (English title) starring Lee Jung-Jae & Yeo Jin-Goo. Literal title of the movie is “Daerib Forces” and directed by Jeong Yoon-Chul (“A Man who was Superman“). Story for the film is set in historical times with Japanese forces invading Joseon. King Seonjo leaves for China, leaving behind Prince Gwanghae (Yeo Jin-Goo) and To-Woo (Lee Jung-Jae) to lead the Daerib Forces to fight. The Daerib Forces were part of the military, but men who were paid to enlist for others.

“The Proxy Soldiers” is now slotted for released June, 2017 in South Korea.

Mar 8 2017

Character posters for JTBC drama series “Man to Man”

Character posters of Park Hae-Jin, Kim Min-Jung and Park Sung-Woong for upcoming JTBC drama series “Man to Man.” Caption for Park Hae-Jin’s poster says “I don’t even trust myself.” The caption for Kim Min-Jung’s poster says “Our brother is more beautiful than a flower.”  Lastly, the caption of Park Sung-Woong’s poster says “Don’t you get rid of me? I think I’m the most dangerous.”

“Man to Man” first airs April 21, 2017 in South Korea.