Mar 21 2018

First script reading for KBS2 drama series “Suits”

First script reading for KBS2 drama series “Suits,” starring Jang Dong-Gun and Park Hyung-Sik, took place February 12, 2018. Drama series is a remake of U.S. television series “Suits.” The first script reading included main cast members Jang Dong-Gun, Park Hyung-Sik, Chae Jung-AnKo Sung-HeeHwang Tae-GwangJin Hee-Kyung and Choi Gwi-Hwa. The first script reading took about 4 hours to complate.

“Suits” first airs April 25, 2018 in South Korea (takes over KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday 10 PM time slot after “Queen of Mystery 2“).

Mar 21 2018

First script reading for OCN drama series “Mistress”

First script reading for OCN drama series “Mistress” took place March 15, 2018 at Studio Dragon in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea. The drama series is a remake of UK television series “Mistresses.” At the first script reading, main cast members including Han Ga-InShin Hyun-BinChoi Hee-SeoGoo Jae-YeeLee Hee-JoonPark Byung-EunOh Jung-Se and Ji Il-Joo all attended.

“Mistress” first airs April 28, 2018 in South Korea.

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Mar 21 2018

Lee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk & Jung Ryeo-Won cast in SBS drama series “Greasy Melo”

Lee Joon-Ho (‘2PM’), Jang Hyuk and Jung Ryeo-Won are all cast for lead roles in upcoming SBS drama series “Greasy Melo” (literal title). Lee Joon-Ho will play Seo Poong. He was once a star chef, but he now works at a failing Chinese restaurant. Jang Hyuk will play Doo Chil-Seong. He is a loan shark and runs a Chinese restaurant. Jung Ryeo-Won will play Dan Sae-Woo. She is a daughter of a rich family.

“Greasy Melo” first airs May, 2018 in South Korea (takes over SBS’ Monday and Tuesday 10 PM time slot after “Should We Kiss First“).

Mar 20 2018

Character posters for tvN drama series “My Mister”

Here’s character posters for upcoming tvN drama series “My Mister.” The character posters are of Lee Sun-Kyun, IU, Park Ho-San and Song Sae-Byeok.

Ep.1 will air March 21, 2018 in South Korea at special time of 9:10 PM. Ep.1 will run for 90 minutes, while all other episodes will have a runtime of 70 minutes and start at 9:30 PM.

The drama series will follow three middle aged brothers Dong-Hoon (Lee Sun-Kyun), Sang-Hoon (Park Ho-San) and Gi-Hoon (Song Sae-Byeok) all going through their own difficult lives and twenty something year old Ji-An (IU). She has a rough life.

Mar 20 2018

Teaser trailer #3 and posters for MBC drama series “Rich Family’s Son”

Teaser trailer #3 added for upcoming MBC drama series “Rich Family’s Son” starring Kim Ji-Hoon and Kim Joo-Hyun. In addition, here’s 1 main poster above and 4 character posters below. The 4 character posters are of Kim Ji-Hoon, Kim Joo-Hyun, Lee Gyu-Han and Hong Soo-Hyun. Story for th drama series has Lee Gwang-Jae (Kim Ji-Hoon) in heavy debt from his deceased father. For his father’s honor, he struggles to pay off the debt, while Kim Young-Ha (Kim Joo-Hyun) supports him.

“Rich Family’s Son” first airs March 25, 2018 in South Korea (takes over MBC’s Sunday 8:45PM time slot after “Man Who Sets the Table“).

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Mar 19 2018

SBS drama series “Return” extended by 2 episodes

SBS has announced that drama series “Return” has been extended from 32 to 34 episodes to allow for a more compelling conclusion. The drama series most famously had to replace lead actress Ko Hyun-Jung with Park Jin-Hee around the midway point, but has still managed to gain high ratings. “Return” was originally end on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 with episodes 31 and 32, but will now end on Thursday, March 22, 2018 with episodes 33 and 34.



Mar 19 2018

First still images from KBS2 drama series “Suits”

Here’s the first still images of Jang Dong-Gun and Park Hyung-Sik in upcoming KBS2 drama series “Suits.” The still images are from their first day of filming for the drama series, which took place March 3, 2018. In the drama series, Jang Dong-Gun plays Choi Kang-Seok. His character is a legendary lawyer at a top law firm in South Korea. Park Hyung-Sik plays Go Yeon-Woo. He is a rookie lawyer with excellent memory. “Suits” is a remake of U.S. television series “Suits.”

“Suits” first airs April 25, 2018 in South Korea.

Mar 18 2018

Teaser trailer for OCN drama series “Mistress”

Teaser trailer added for upcoming OCN drama series “Mistress” starring Han Ga-In. In the drama series, Han Ga-In plays Jan Se-Yeon. After her husband died in accident, she has lived with her daughter. She begins to receive phone calls and mysterious things take place around her. The drama series will revolve around 4 women including Jan Se-Yeon (Han Ga-In), Kim Eun-Soo (Shin Hyun-Bin), Han Jung-Won (Choi Hee-Seo) and Do Hwa-Young (Goo Jae-Yee). “Mistress” is a remake of BBC One drama series of same name.

“Mistress” will first air April 28, 2018 and consist of 12 episodes.