Jul 15 2020

Teaser trailer #1 for MBC every1 drama series “Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely”

Teaser trailer #1 added for MBC every1 drama series “Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely” (literal title) starring Ji Hyun-Woo & Kim So-Eun. Around the 12 second mark of the teaser, Ji Hyun-Woo states “At one word, love is annoying.” He then repeats “love is annoying.”

In addition, “Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely” is now set to first air August 11, 2020 in South Korea.

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Jul 15 2020

Main cast for OCN drama series “Amazing Rumor”

Joe Byeong-GyuYu Jun-SangKim Se-Jeong (‘Gugudan’), Yum Hye-Ran and Ahn Suk-Hwan are cast in new OCN drama series “Amazing Rumor.” The drama series is based on webtoon “”Kyeongirowoon Somoon” written by Jang Yi and published via Daum Webtoon. The drama series has the unusual premise of a group of people with supernatural abilities who hunt down evil spirits. They work in a noodle restaurant together to hide their true purpose.

“Amazing Rumor” will first air sometime during the second half of this year.

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Jul 14 2020

Main poster for Channel A drama “Lies of Lies”

Main poster added for Channel A drama series “Lies of Lies” (literal title) starring Lee Yu-Ri & Yeon Jeong-Hun. Caption on the poster states “Dangerous lie which I bet my life on.” The poster also reveals that the drama series is now scheduled to first air September 4, 2020 in South Korea. Meanwhile, the first teaser for the drama series can be viewed at AsianWiki.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ji Eun-Soo (Lee Yu-Ri) is a daughter-in-law of a powerful chaebol family. She suddenly she becomes a murderer, who killed her husband. After she is released from prison, she tries to get her daughter back. She approaches Kang Ji-Min (Yeon Jeong-Hun), who has adopted her daughter. He is a cool as ice reporter. Ji Eun-Soo pretends to fall in love with him and attempts to marry him to become the stepmother of her daughter.

Jul 9 2020

Teaser trailer #5 for tvN drama series “Flower of Evil”

Teaser trailer #5 & new still images for tvN drama series “Flower of Evil” starring Lee Joon-Gi & Moon Chae-Won. Meanwhile, above and below are four new still images from the drama series. The still images show a relative happy family, while the last still images shows there’s trouble ahead.

“Flower of Evil” first airs July 29, 2020 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Cha Ji-Won (Moon Chae-Won) is a detective. She is married to Baek Hee-Sung (Lee Joon-Gi) and they a daughter. Baek Hee-Sung seems like a committed husband and father, but he hides his cruel past and lives under another person’s identity. He deceives his wife completely. Cha Ji-Won learns of his deception and chases his past.

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Jul 9 2020

Main poster for tvN drama series “Stranger 2”

Main poster added for tvN drama series “Stranger 2” starring Cho Seung-Woo & Bae Doo-Na. Caption on the main poster states “The one who wants silence. Everyone is an accomplice.” Appearing on the poster are Cho Seung-Woo, Bae Doo-Na, Jeon Hye-Jin, Choi Moo-Sung, Lee Joon-Hyuk, and Yoon Se-Ah. The drama series is a sequel to 2017 tvN drama series “Stranger,” with the script having the prosecutor’s office and the police on opposing sides. Prosecutor Hwang Shi-Mok (Cho Seung-Woo) and Detective Han Yeo-Jin (Bae Doo-Na) work together to solve a case.

“Stranger 2” first airs August, 2020 in South Korea.

Jul 8 2020

Ji Jin-Hee & Kim Hyun-Joo cast in JTBC drama “Undercover”

Ji Jin-Hee and Kim Hyun-Joo are cast in JTBC drama series “Undercover.” The drama series is a remake of BBC One television series “Undercover” starring Sophie Okonedo & Adrian Lester. For Ji Jin-Hee and Kim Hyun-Joo, the duo previously starred together in 2015 SBS drama series “I Have a Lover.”

“Undercover” will first air sometime during the first half of 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Han Jung-Hyun (Ji Jin-Hee) is an agent of the NIS (National Intelligence Service). While he studied at the police university, he was selected by the NIS. He then worked on a top secret case and he met Choi Yeon-Soo (Kim Hyun-Joo). Using his alias, he fell in love with her and they eventually married. Meanwhile, Choi Yeon-Soo works as a civil-rights lawyer who seeks justice and the truth. She is nominated for the Chief of the Civil Servant Corruption Investigation Unit. Because of her nomination, her husband’s true identity becomes involved in an uncontrollable situation.

Jul 7 2020

Teaser trailer #1 for tvN drama series “Record of Youth”

Teaser trailer #1 added for tvN drama series “Record of Youth” (English title) starring Park Bo-Gum & Park So-Dam. Around the 8 second mark, Park Bo-Gum provides narration with “Remember and be together. Youth Record.” The drama series depicts a record of youth, who try not to despair from a difficult reality and attempt to achieve their dreams & love. The drama series recently changed from its early English title of “The Moment” to “Record of Youth.”

“Record of Youth” will be released September, 2020 in South Korea.

Jul 6 2020

Lee Jang-Woo & Jin Ki-Joo cast in KBS2 drama series “Oh! Samgwang Villa”

Lee Jang-Woo and Jin Ki-Joo are cast for lead roles in KBS2 weekend drama series “Oh! Samgwang Villa” (literal title). The drama series revolves around residents who live in the modest Samgwang Villa. Lee Jang-Woo will play Woo Jae-Hee. He came from a rich background, but he has to support himself. Jin Ki-Joo will play Lee Bit Chae Woon. She has to support her mother and two siblings. She dreams of leaving behind Samgwang Villa.

“Oh! Samgwang Villa” first airs September, 2020 in South Korea (takes over KBS2’s Saturday & Sunday 7:55 PM time slot after “Once Again“).

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Jul 3 2020

Choi Jin-Hyuk and Park Joo-Hyun cast in KBS2 drama series “The Zombie Detective”

Choi Jin-Hyuk and Park Joo-Hyun are cast for lead roles in KBS2 drama series “The Zombie Detective” (literal title). Choi Jin-Hyuk will play Kim Moo-Young. He turned into a zombie two years ago and cannot remember anything before that. He opens up a private detective office, while keeping the guise that he is a human. Meanwhile, Park Joo-Hyun, who most recently starred in Netflix drama series “Extracurricular,” will play Kong Sun-Ji. She begins to work part-time at the detective office.

Exact air date for “The Zombie Detective” has not yet been revealed.

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Jul 2 2020

Ep.1 air date & first script reading

Ep.1 air date for tvN drama series “The Moment,” starring Park Bo-Gum, Park So-Dam, and Byeon Woo-Seok, is now set for September, 2020 in South Korea. The drama series will slot into tvN’s Monday & Tuesday 9PM time slot after “Birthcare Center.” Meanwhile, above and below are photos from the first script reading for the drama series, which took place February, 2020 in South Korea. Before the first script reading, Park Bo-Gum stated “I will do my best to be filmed and memorized beautifully about this youth, which is the moment in the drama series title.” The first script was attended by director Ahn Gil-Ho, screenwriter Ha Myung-Hee, Park Bo-Gum, Park So-Dam, Byeon Woo-SeokHa Hee-RaShin Ae-RaHan Jin-HeePark Soo-Young, Seo Sang-Won, and Shin Dong-Mi.

Lastly, actor Park Bo-Gum will enter the military on August 31, 2020 to fulfill his mandatory military requirement and he will be discharged April, 2022.

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