Jun 27 2016

Trailer and poster for live-action film “Dias Police: Dirty Yellow Boys”

Main trailer and poster added for upcoming live-action film “Dias Police: Dirty Yellow Boys” starring Shota Matsuda. Actressa Sakura Ando has been recently announced as a supporting cast member in the film (she’ll play a woman who discovers the purpose of the “Dirty Yellow Boys”). Movie is based on manga series “Dias Police Ihou Keisatsu” written by Takashi Nagasaki and directed by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri.

“Dias Police: Dirty Yellow Boys” will be released September 3, 2016 in Japan.

Jun 24 2016

Masataka Kubota & Fumika Shimizu cast in live-action film “Tokyo Ghoul”

Masataka Kubota & Fumika Shimizu are cast in live-action film “Tokyo Ghoul.” The film is based on manga “Tokyo Guru” by Sui Ishida and directed by Kentaro Hagiwara. Movie will be set in a Tokyo where the city is dealing with human eating ghouls. Masataka Kubota will play college student Ken Kaneki. His character is attacked by the ghoul Rize, but a steel beam that falls on Rize saves him. Ken Kaneki and Rize are then transported to the hospital and Ken receives an organ transplant from Rize. Ken then becomes half ghoul.

“Tokyo Ghoul” will be released sometime during summer, 2017 in Japan.

Jun 24 2016

Haruka Ayase, Shinichi Tsutsumi & Gaku Hamada cast in movie “Honnoji Hotel”

Haruka Ayase, Shinichi Tsutsumi & Gaku Hamada are cast in movie “Honnoji Hotel.” The movie will reunite Haruka Ayase, Shinichi Tsutsumi, director Masayuki Suzuki & screenwriter Tomoko Aizawa who previously worked together in 2011 film “Princess Toyotomi.”

In movie “Honnoji Hotel,” Haruka Ayase plays a woman who is staying at Honnoji Hotel in Kyoto. There, she meets legendary historical figure Nobunaga Oda (Shinichi Tsutsumi).

“Honnoji Hotel” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Jun 23 2016

New still images for live-action film “Death Note: Light Up The New World”

Here’s 2 new still images for upcoming live-action film “Death Note: Light Up The New World” starring Masahiro Higashide, Sosuke Ikematsu & Masaki Suda.

The still images are of Masahiro Higashide as Tsukuru Mishima and Sosuke Ikematsu as Private Investigator Ryuzaki. Each still images has one of the characters pointing a gun at the other person. Tsukuru Mishima is a member of the Death Note special task force team and Private Investigator Ryuzaki is a successor of L.

Jun 22 2016

Main trailer for movie “Good Morning Show”

Main trailer added for upcoming movie “Good Morning Show” starring Kiichi Nakai & Masami Nagasawa. Movie is written and directed by Ryoichi Kimizuka (screenplay writer for the “Bayside Shakedown” films). Movie is set around a morning TV show, with Kiichi Nakai playing main host Shingo Sumita and Masami Nagasawa playing co-host Keiko Ogawa. Real life drama sweeps the set as an affair, possible cancellation and a hostage situation takes place.

“Good Morning Show” will be released October 8, 2016 in Japan.

Jun 21 2016

Still images and release date for live-action film “Museum”

Here’s 2 new still images for upcoming live-action film “Museum” starring Shun Oguri and Shuhei Nomura. The still image of Shun Oguri as Hisashi Sawamura chases a criminal on a rainy day. The second still image is of Shuhei Nomura as rookie detective Junichi Nishino. He is attending an investigation meeting.

In addition, “Museum” is now set for release November 12, 2016 in Japan.


Jun 21 2016

Yesung & Nozomi Sasaki cast in movie “Ikinari Sensei ni Natta Boku ga Kanojo ni Koi wo Shita”

Yesung (‘Super Junior’) & Nozomi Sasaki are cast in movie “Ikinari Sensei ni Natta Boku ga Kanojo ni Koi wo Shita.” The movie is set around Okinawa, Japan and is a romantic-comedy film. In the movie, Yesung plays Young-Ung. His character is a Korean man on a business trip in Okinawa, Japan. The company he works for goes bankrupt and he decides to stay in Okinawa. He begins teaching Korean language at a language school threre. Nozomi Sasaki plays Sakura. Her character works as a travel agent and she is tasked with learning Korean. She meets Young-Ung at the institute.

“Ikinari Sensei ni Natta Boku ga Kanojo ni Koi wo Shita” will be released November 3, 2016 in Japan.

Jun 20 2016

Female supporting cast announced for movie “Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa”

Mimura, Misako Tanaka, Eiko Koike, Lily and Mugi Kadowaki are cast in upcoming movie “Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa” starring Toma Ikuta and Kenta Kiritani. Actor Toma Ikuta plays a transgender woman in the film.

Newcomer Rinka Kakihara plays 11-year-old Tomo. Her mother abandons her and she spends time at her uncle’s (Kenta Kiritani) home and her uncle is dating transgender woman Rinko (Toma Ikuta). Mimura will play Hiromi. Her character is the young girl’s mother. Misako Tanaka will play the mother of Rinko. Eiko Koike will play the mother of Tomo’s classmate. Lily will play Tomo’s grandmother and Mugi Kadowaki will play a co-worker of Rinko.

“Karera ga Honki de Amu Toki wa” will be released February 25, 2017 in Japan.

Jun 17 2016

Masahiro Higashide cast in movie “Satoshi no Seishun”

Masahiro Higashide is cast in upcoming movie “Satoshi no Seishun” starring Kenichi Matsuyama. In the film, Masahiro Higashide will play Yoshiharu Habu. His character is based on a real person. Yoshiharu Habu is a professional shogi (go) player and a rival to Satoshi Murayama (Kenichi Matsuyama).

Also more supporting cast members announced for the film include Shota Sometani, Lily Franky, Keiko Takeshita, Toshiyuki Kitami, Michitaka Tsutsui, Tokio Emoto and Ken Yasuda.

“Satoshi no Seishun” will be released sometime later this year in Japan.