Jan 18 2018

Supporting cast announced for live-action film “Marmalade Boy”

Miho Nakayama, Rei Dan, Shosuke Tanihara and Michitaka Tsutsui are cast for major supporting characters in live-action film “Marmalade Boy” starring Hinako Sakurai and Ryo Yoshizawa. Movie is based on manga “Marmalade Boy” by Wataru Yoshizumi and directed by Ryuichi Hiroki. The story for “Marmalade Boy” follows two teenagers who learn their parents are divorcing and remarrying partners from the other couple. Furthermore, they all begin living in the same house.

For Miho Nakayama, she will play Chiyako. She is the biological mother of Yuu Matsuura (Ryo Yoshizawa). Shosuke Tanihara will play Shosuke Tanihara. He is the biological father of Yuu Matsuura. Rei Dan will play Rumi. She is the biological mother of Miki Koishikawa (Hinako Sakurai). Michitaka Tsutsui will play Jin Koishikawa. He is the biological father of Miki Koishikawa.

“Marmalade Boy” opens April 27, 2018 in Japan.

Jan 17 2018

Yoko Maki, Mao Inoue, Nanami Sakuraba and Yo Oizumi are cast in movie “Yakiniku Dragon”

Yoko Maki, Mao Inoue, Nanami Sakuraba and Yo Oizumi are all cast in movie “Yakiniku Dragon.” The film is based on stage play “Yakiniku Doragon” written and directed by Wishing Chong and he also directs the movie version. The film centers around three daughters played by Yoko Maki, Mao Inoue and Nanami Sakuraba. Their father emigrated from South Korea and started the restaurant “Yakiniku Doragon” in Japan. Story is also set in the 1970’s and set around the Kansai region.

“Yakiniku Dragon” will be released sometime this summer in Ja;an.

Jan 15 2018

Kazuki Soejima cast in movie “40 Manbun no 1”

Kazuki Soejima is cast in indie film  “40 Manbun no 1” (literally “1 in 400,000”). Movie is written and directed by Hirotaka Inoue. In the film, Kazuki Soejima plays college student Toru Nakanishi. He lies to his ex-girlfriend (Haruka Tateishi) and tells her he is trying to get hired at a top advertising agency. In truth, he hasn’t even started looking for a job. He then receives training to find a job from Haruhiko Ogino (Teru Sato).

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Jan 12 2018

Female cast members announced for live-action film “Rainbow Days”

Main female cast members have been announced for live-action film “Rainbow Days” (“Nijiiro Days”) starring Reo Sano (‘GENERATIONS’), Taishi Nakagawa, Mahiro Takasugi and Ryusei Yokohama. The new cast members are Ai Yoshikawa, Yuri Tsunematsu, Mayu Hotta and Nozomi Bando (‘E-girls’).

For the live-action film, Ai Yoshikawa will play Anna Kobayakawa. She is a female high school student and Natsuki Hashiba (Reo Sano) gets a crush on her.

Yuri Tsunematsu will play Mari Tsutsui. She is a friend of Anna Kobayakawa and she is also a man-hater. She makes biting remarks.

Mayu Hotta will play Yukiko Asai. She is the girlfriend of Tsuyoshi Naoe (Mahiro Takasugi) and she enjoys cosplay.

Nozomi Bando will play Reiko Chiba. She is a classmate of the four main male characters.

“Rainbow Days” will be released July, 2018 in Japan.

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Jan 8 2018

Ryoma Takeuchi and Minami Hamabe cast in live-action film “Sensei Kunshu”

Ryoma Takeuchi and Minami Hamabe are cast in live-action film “Sensei Kunshu.” The film is based on manga “Sensei Kunshu” by Momoko Koda and directed by Sho Tsukikawa (“Let Me Eat Your Pancreas“). For “Sensei Kunshu,” Minami Hamabe plays high school student Ayuha Samaru. When she has problems paying at a gyudon restaurant, a man played by Ryoma Takeuchi helps her out. The next day, she learns that the same man is her new substitute homeroom teacher. Minami Hamabe believes he must be her fate in love.

Filming for “Sensei Kunshu” will begin January 15, 2018.


Jan 4 2018

Teaser trailer for movie “Saraba Seishun, Saredo Seishun”

Teaser trailer for movie “Saraba Seishun, Saredo Seishun” starring Hiroshi Okawa and Fumika Shimizu. Movie is based on a screenplay by Ryuho Okawa and directed by Hiroshi Akabane. Story for “Saraba Seishun, Saredo Seishun” follows a young man (Hiroshi Akabane) with a promising future, but he has a secret. He is able to speak with God(s) after a spiritual awakening experience. He falls for a woman (Fumika Shimizu) at his workplace.

“Saraba Seishun, Saredo Seishun” opens summer, 2018 in Japan.