Oct 26 2016

Main trailer for movie “Wet Woman in the Wind”

Main trailer for upcoming movie “Wet Woman in the Wind” starring Tasuku Nagaoka & Yuki Mamiya. Movie is written and directed by Akihiko Shiota (“Harmful Insect“). The film is also the second Nikkatsu release in their 5 part “Roman Porno Reboot Project” to mark the 45th anniversary of their Roman Porno pink films. The quirky sex-comedy film follows a former Tokyo playwright (Tasuku Nagaoka) who attempts to live a quiet life in a rural mountain area. He then meets a spunky woman (Yuki Mamiya) who just won’t take no for an answer.

“Wet Woman in the Wind” will be released December 17, 2016 in Japan.

Oct 22 2016

Arata Iura, Eita, Kyoko Hasegawa and Manami Hashimoto cast in movie “Hikari”

Arata Iura, Eita, Kyoko Hasegawa and Manami Hashimoto are all cast in upcoming movie “Hikari.” The film is based on 2008 novel “Hikari” by Shion Miura (“The Great Passage“/”Wood Job!“) and directed by Tatsushi Omori. Story centers around Nobuyuki (Arate Iura) who lived on an island as a child and committed a crime to protect his girlfriend (Kyoko Hasegawa). A tsunami struck the island the next day. 25 years later, he meets his childhood friend Tasuku (Eita).

“Hikari” will be released fall, 2017 in Japan.

Oct 20 2016

More supporting cast members for movie “Hana Ikusa”

Takaya Yamauchi, Masato Wada, Eisaku Yoshida and Keiko Takeshita are cast in supporting roles for upcoming movie “Hana Ikusa.” Movie is directed by Tetsuo Shinohara and based on the 2011 novel “Hana Ikusa” by Tadashi Onitsuka.

In the upcoming film Takaya Yamauchi will play Senbaku. His character is a senior pupil of Buddhist Monk Senko (Mansai Nomura). Masato Wada will play Senbu. His character is a younger pupil of Senko. Eisaku Yoshida will play Mitsunari Ishida. He is a military commander.  Keiko Takeshita will play Buddhist nun Jochin.

“Hana Ikusa” is now scheduled for release June 3, 2017 in Japan.

Oct 18 2016

Teaser trailer for movie “Sakurada Reset 1”

Teaser trailer added for upcoming movie “Sakurada Reset 1” starring Shuhei Nomura & Yuina Kuroshima. Movie is based on 2009 light novel “Sakurada Risetto” by Yutaka Kono. In the film, Shuhei Nomura and Yuina Kuroshima play teens with supernatural powers. The boy is able to remember everything and the girl is able to go back in time by 3 days. Together, they can go back in time and retain their memory.

“Sakurada Reset 1” will be released sometime spring, 2017 in Japan.

Oct 17 2016

Shota Sometani cast in movie “Kukai”

Shota Sometani is cast in upcoming movie “Kukai” which is co-production between China and Japan. The movie will be directed by Chen Kaige and is based on 2004 novel “Samon Kukai Tou no Kuni nite Oni to Utagesu” by Baku Yumemakura.

In the upcoming film, Shota Sometani will play Buddhist monk Kukai. He travels to China to learn about the culture and the people there. In China, he becomes involved in a mystery.

Oct 13 2016

Satoshi Tsumabuki to play villain in live-action film “Museum”

Satoshi Tsumabuki will appear in upcoming live-action film “Museum” as the man wearing the frog mask. His character is a notorious murderer and he calls himself an artist. Movie “Museum” is based on manga series “Museum” by Ryosuke Tomoe and stars Shun Oguri as Detective Hisashi Sawamura.

In addition, a second trailer has been added on AsianWiki which reveals Satoshi Tsumabuki’s appearance in the film. “Museum” will be released November 12, 2016 in Japan.