Mar 4 2017

Asami Usuda, Taiga and Joe Odagiri cast in live-action film “Pumpkin and Mayonnaise”

Asami Usuda, Taiga and Joe Odagiri are cast in live-action film “Pumpkin and Mayonnaise” (literal title). Movie is based on a manga series “Kabocha to Mayonezu” by Kiriko Nananan and directed by Masanori Tominaga. For manga artist Kiriko Nananan, this is her third live-action film adaption following 2006 movie “Strawberry Shortcakes” and 2003 film “Blue.” Also cast in supporting roles are Ken Mitsuishi, Kurumi Shimizu, Koudai Asaka & Ryuya Wakaba.

Story for the film follow the relationship between Tsuchida (Asami Usuda), Seiichi (Taiga) and Hagio (Joe Odagiri). Tsuchida works at a hostess bar without her boyfriend Seiichi knowing. Seiichi is a musician, but he is in a musical rut and doesn’t have a job. Tsuchida then meets her ex-boyfriend Hagio (Joe Odagiri).

“Pumpkin and Mayonnaise” will be released November, 2017 in Japan.

Mar 3 2017

Trailer for live-action film “Teiichi no Kuni The Movie”

Trailer added for live-action film “Teiichi no Kuni The Movie” starring Masaki Suda. Movie is based on manga series “Teiichi no Kuni” by Usamaru Furuya and directed by Akira Nagai (“Judge!“/”If Cats Disappeared From the World“). Live-action film “Teiichi no Kuni The Movie,” follows Teiichi Akaba (Masaki Suda) as he vies to become the student president of a prestigious private high school.

“Teiichi no Kuni The Movie” opens April 29, 2017 in Japan.

Feb 28 2017

Mahiro Takasugi cast in live-action film “Principal”

Mahiro Takasugi cast in upcoming live-action film “Principal” co-starring Yuina Kuroshima and Nozomu Kotaki. Movie is based on manga series “Principal” by Ryo Ikuemi and directed by Tetsuo Shinohara.

For live-action film “Principle,” Mahiro Takasugi will play Wao Sakurai. He and Gen Tatebayashi (Nozomu Kotaki) have been friends since they were little and are the two most popular boys in high school. They have totally different personalities with Wao Sakurai being kind and gentle to everyone. The two become interested in new transfer student Shima Sumitomo (Yuina Kuroshima).

“Principal” will be released 2018 in Japan.

Feb 27 2017

Supporting cast announced for movie “Confession of Murder”

Supporting cast has been announced for upcoming movie “Confession of Murder” starring Tatsuya Fujiwara & Hideaki Ito. Movie is a remake of 2012 South Korean film “Confession of Murder.”

Now cast in supporting roles are Kaho, Shuhei Nomura, Anna Ishibashi, Ryo Ryusei, Taichi Saotome, Mitsuru Hirata, Ryo Iwamatsu, Koichi Iwaki and Toru Nakamura. Kaho will play the daughter of a man who was murdered 22 years ago. Toru Nakamura will play a journalist who tries to disclose the truth behind the serial murder cases. Anna Ishibashi will play the younger sister of Wataru Makimura (Hideaki Ito). She went missing 22 years ago.

“Confession of Murder” will open June 10, 2017 in Japan.

Feb 24 2017

Erika Sawajiri cast in live-action film “Impossibility Defense”

Erika Sawajiri is cast in upcoming live-action film “Impossibility Defense” starring Tori Matsuzaka. Movie is based on manga series “Funohan” written by Arata Miyatsuki and directed by Koji Shiraishi. In live-action film “Impossibility Defense,” Erika Sawajiri will play Tomoko Tada. She is a detective who tries to achieve justice. She is the only one whose mind is not controlled by Tadashi Usobuki (Tori Matsuzaka). In the original manga, Erika Sawajiri’s character was a male character.

“Impossibility Defense” opens in 2018 in Japan.