Dec 14 2016

Teaser poster for movie “Tap: The Last Show”

Teaser poster added for upcoming movie “Tap: The Last Show” starring Yutaka Mizutani, Kie Kitano & Natsuo Shimizu. Movie is the feature film directed by veteran actor Yutaka Mizutani (best known for his starring role in the “Aibou” drama series). In the film, Yutaka Mizutani plays a washed up former tap dancer now alcoholic. He is then tasked with directing the final show for a theater.

“Tap: The Last Show” is now set for release June 17, 2017 in Japan.

Dec 14 2016

Trailer #2 & main poster for based-on-a-true-story movie “Let’s Go, Jets”

Trailer #2 & main poster added for based-on-a-true-story movie “Let’s Go, Jets” starring Suzu Hirose & Yuki Amami. Story for “Let’s Go, Jets” follows a high school cheerleading club in Japan as they go to America to take part in a competition. The Japanese title of the movie is “Cheerdance” while the international English title is “Let’s Go Jets!”

“Let’s Go, Jets” will be released March 11, 2017 in Japan.

Dec 13 2016

Main trailer for movie “Shabon Dama”

Main trailer added for movie “Shabon Dama” starringĀ Kento Hayashi & Mina Fujii. Movie is based on 2004 novel “Shabon Dama” by Asa Nonami. Story for movie “Shabon Dama” revolves around Izumi (Kento Hayashi). He is a criminal and targets the elderly. While fleeing from the police, he ends up staying with an elderly woman.

“Shabon Dama” will be released March, 2017 in Japan.

Dec 11 2016

Mugi Kadowaki cast in movie “Sekai wa Kyou kara Kimi no Mono”

Mugi Kadowaki is cast in new movie “Sekai wa Kyou kara Kimi no Mono.” Also cast in the movie are Takahiro Miura, Makita Sports, Yu Hirukawa & You. The film is written and directed by Masaya Ozaki. “Sekai wa Kyou kara Kimi no Mono” is the second film directed by Masaya Ozaki, but he has written screenplays for numerous films and drama series.

In movie “Sekai wa Kyou kara Kimi no Mono,” Mugi Kadowaki plays a young otaku who is also a hikkimori. Her father played by Makita Sports has been very concerned about her and finally finds her a job that requires little interaction with other people. The job is for a gaming company. There, she falls for illustrator Ryotaro Yabe played by Takahiro Miura.

“Sekai wa Kyou kara Kimi no Mono” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Dec 9 2016

Trailer for movie “Tsuioku”

Trailer added for movie “Tsuioku” starring Junichi Okada, Shun Oguri & Tasuku Emoto. Equally as impressive, movie features Masami Nagasawa, Fumino Kimura, Sakura Ando & Hidetaka Yoshioka. Movie is directed by Yasuo Furuhata. Story for “Tsuioku” (literally “Memory”) follows three childhood friends who meet as adults. One person is now a detective (Junichi Okada), one is the suspect (Shun Oguri) and the other the victim (Tasuku Emoto). Their past also comes to the foreground.

“Tsuioku” is now scheduled for release May 6, 2017 in Japan.

Dec 9 2016

Main trailer and poster added for movie “Sakurada Reset 1”

Main trailer and poster added for movie “Sakurada Reset 1” starring Shuhei Nomura, Yuina Kuroshima & Yuna Taira. Movie is based on the light novel “Sakurada Risetto” by Yutaka Kono. Story for the film follows Misora Haruki (Yuina Kuroshima) who has the power to go back in time and Kei Asai (Shuhei Nomura) who has a special memory ability.

The teaser poster also reveals that “Sakurada Reset 1” will be released March 25, 2017 in Japan. “Sakurada Reset 2” will then be released May 13, 2017 in Japan.

Dec 8 2016

Ai Hashimoto, Mei Nagano & Shota Sometani cast in movie “Parks”

Ai Hashimoto, Mei Nagano & Shota Sometani are cast in new movie “Parks.” The film is written & directed by Natsuki Seta (“A Liar and a Broken Girl“) and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Inokashira Park in Tokyo, Japan.

In the film “Parks,” Ai Hashimoto plays college student Jun. She meets high school student Haru (Mei Nagano) who looks just like her deceased father’s girlfriend Sachiko. Jun and Haru then meet Tokio (Shota Sometani) who is the grandson of Sachiko. They learn that Sachiko has passed away but discover an open-reel tape from her belongings.

“Parks” will be released April 22, 2017 in Japan.