Mar 31 2016

Main trailer for Sion Sono’s “The Whispering Star”

Main trailer added for upcoming b&w sci-fi film “The Whispering Star” starring Megumi Kagurazaka. Movie is written & directed by Sion Sono (Sion Sono & Megumi Kagurazaka are also husband and wife). Premise for the film ventures away from past Sion Sono films (initially at least) with the main protagonist (Megumi Kagurazaka) being an android. The android’s job is to deliver packages to various far off planets.

“The Whispering Star” will be released May 14, 2016 in Japan.

Mar 29 2016

Fumika Shimizu & Yudai Chiba cast in movie “Asahan no Yuge”

Fumika Shimizu & Yudai Chiba are cast in upcoming movie “Asahan no Yuge.” The movie is based on novel “Asahan no Yuge” by Fukami and directed by first time director Santa Yamagishi. Story for the movie has Fumika Shimizu and Yudai Chiba playing cousins who begin to live together for a summer in a rural town. Their relationship improves with the help of cooking by Yudai Chiba’s character.

Asahan no Yuge will be released July 2, 2016 in Japan.