Jun 30 2017

English subtitled teaser trailer for movie “Midnight Runners”

English subtitled teaser trailer added for upcoming movie “Midnight Runners” starring Park Seo-Joon and Kang Ha-Neul. Meanwhile, here’s two new character posters of Park Seo-Joon and Kang Ha-Neul for the movie. The caption on Park Seo-Joon’s character poster states “Let’s catch them by ourselves!,” while the caption on Kang Ha-Neul’s states “Do as you were taught! It works!” The captions explain the differences between the two characters. Ki-Joon (Park Seo-Joon) is completely gung-ho and acts before thinking. Hee-Yeol (Kang Ha-Neul ) is cerebral and values principles.

“Midnight Runners” opens August, 2017 in South Korea.

Jun 30 2017

Teaser trailer for live-action film “Anonymous Noise”

Teaser trailer added for upcoming live-action film “Anonymous Noise” (literal title) starring Ayami Nakajo, Jun Shison and Yuta Koseki. The teaser trailer features ending theme song “Find You” by rock band Man with a Mission. The group consists of 5 members: Tokyo Tanaka, Jean-Ken Johnny, Kamikaze Boy, DJ Santa Monica and Spear Rib. Movie “Anonymous Noise” is based on manga series “Fukumenkei Noizu” by Ryoko Fukuyama.

“Anonymous Noise” opens November 25, 2017 in Japan.

Jun 30 2017

2nd main trailer for movie “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”

2nd main trailer added for upcoming movie “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” (literal title) starring Shun Oguri, Keiko Kitagawa, Takumi Kitamura and Minami Hamabe. Movie is based on novel “Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai” by Yoru Sumino and directed by Sho Tsukikawa. In addition a new poster for the film was also released. The theme song for the movie has also been announced which is “Himawari” by rock band Mr.Children.

“I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” will be released July 28, 2017 in Japan.

Jun 29 2017

Teaser trailer for movie “The Last Recipe”

Teaser trailer added for movie “The Last Recipe” starring Kazunari Ninomiya. Still images for supporting characters played by Hidetoshi Nishijima, Gou Ayano, Aoi Miyazaki and Yutaka Takenouchi have also been released.

In the upcoming film, Hidetoshi Nishijima will play Naotaro Yamagata. He is a chef in the 1930’s. He is able to make an exact dish just by tasting it once, which Mitsuru Sasaki (Kazunari Ninomiya) is also able to do. Gou Ayano will play Ken Yanagisawa. He grew up in the same orphanage as Mitsuru Sasaki and is the only one who understands him. Aoi Miyazaki will play Chizu Yamagata. She is the wife of  Naotaro Yamagata. Yutaka Takenouchi will play Taizo Miyake. He is a colonel in the army.

“The Last Recipe” opens November 3, 2017 in Japan.

Jun 27 2017

Teaser trailer for movie “Dorobou Yakusha”

Teaser trailer added for upcoming movie “Dorobou Yakusha” starring Ryuhei Maruyama (‘Kanjani Eight’). Movie is written and directed by Masafumi Nishida. Story for “Dorobou Yakusha” follows a reformed thief played by Ryuhei Maruyama. An old colleague blackmails him to break into a mansion. While committing the crime, he is caught, but mistaken for someone else.

“Dorobou Yakusha” opens November, 2017 in Japan.