Aug 29 2017

Trailer for movie “Ringside Story”

Trailer added for movie “Ringside Story” starring Eita and Eriko Sato. Movie is directed by Masaharu Take. Story for “Ringside Story” has Eita playing unpopular actor Hideo. When he misconstrues his girlfriends (Eriko Sato) enthusiasm for her new job at a professional wrestling league, he takes action.

“Ringside Story” will be released October 14, 2017 in Japan.

Aug 22 2017

Hinako Sakurai and Ryo Yoshizawa cast in live-action film “Marmalade Boy”

Hinako Sakurai and Ryo Yoshizawa are cast in live-action film “Marmalade Boy.” The film is based on manga series “Mamaredo Boi” by Wataru Yoshizumi  and directed by Ryuichi Hiroki. The unusual premise for the film involves two married couples who decide to divorce and swap partners, but all live together in the same house. Both couples have 1 teenage child, Miki Koishikawa (Hinako Sakurai) and Yuu Matsuura (Ryo Yoshizawa). Miki then becomes attracted to Yuu.

“Marmalade Boy” will be released sometime during 2018 in Japan.

Aug 18 2017

Shinnosuke Abe is cast in movie “Day and Night”

Shinnosuke Abe is cast in new movie “Day and Night.” The film will be directed by Michihito Fujii and produced by actor Takayuki Yamada. This is the second film produced by Takayuki Yamada. Story for “Day and Night” will revolve around Koji Akashi (Shinnosuke Abe). His father committed suicide after becoming a whistleblower of a large corporation. Koji Akashi then meets Kitamura who works at an orphanage. He decides to take revenge.

“Day and Night” will be released sometime next year in Japan.