Aug 4 2016

Supporting cast announced for live-action film “Gintama”

Masaki Suda, Kanna Hashimoto (‘Rev. from DVL’), Masami Nagasawa, Masaki Okada, Tsuyoshi Muro, Yuya Yagira, Ryo Yoshizawa and Kankuro Nakamura are all cast in upcoming live-action film “Gintama” starring Shun Oguri. Movie is based on manga series “Gintama” by Hideaki Sorachi and directed by Yuichi Fukuda (“HK: Forbidden Super Hero“).

Masaki Suda will play Shinpachi Shimura. He works at Yorozuya which is run by Gintoki (Shun Oguri).  Yorozuya is a freelancer business which deals with anything from investigation to saving mankind.

Kanna Hashimoto will play Kagura. She also works at Yorozuya. She is bright and has a strong sense of justice.

Masami Nagasawa will play Tae Shimura. She is the older sister of Shinpachi Shimura. She looks to have a calm temperament, but when she gets angry … nothing stops her.

Masaki Okada will play Kotaro Katsura. He is the leader of Joito which is a group that opposes the Shogunate.

Tsuyoshi Muro will play Gengai Hiraga. He is a repairman and an inventor.

Yuya Yagira will play Toshiro Hijikata. He is the vice commander of the Shinsengumi which is a special police force.

Ryo Yoshizawa will play Sogo Okita. He is a member of the Shinsengumi. He frequently looks for a way to get rid of Toshiro Hijikata in order to take his position.

Kankuro Nakamura will play Isao Kondo. He is the commander of the Shinsengumi.

“Gintama” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Aug 3 2016

Teaser poster for movie “Harmonium”

Teaser poster added for upcoming movie “Harmonium” starring Tadanobu Asano, Mariko Tsutsui & Kanji Furutachi. Movie is written and directed by Koji Fukada. “Harmonium” had its world premiere in the Un Certain Regard section at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and won the jury prize. Premise for “Harmonium” is similar to Koji Fukada’s 2011 film “Hospitalite,” but turns into a darker story.

Release date for “Harmonium” is set for October 8, 2016 in Japan.

Aug 3 2016

Yoji Yamada to direct sequel film “What A Wonderful Family II”

Yoji Yamada is set to direct sequel film “What A Wonderful Family II” starring the same principle cast from 2016 film “What A Wonderful Family!” Which means Isao Hashizume, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Masahiko Nishimura, Yui NatsukawaShozo HayashiyaTomoko NakajimaSatoshi TsumabukiYu Aoi will all return as part of the Hirata family. Story for the sequel film will revolve around the adult children’s concern over Shuzo Hirata still driving at his advanced age. Meanwhile, Shuzo Hirata meets a former classmate from his high school days and invites him to stay at their house.

“What A Wonderful Family II” will be released summer, 2017 in Japan.

Aug 2 2016

Main trailer for fantasy-comedy film “Intern”

Main trailer added for upcoming fantasy-comedy film “Intern” starring Yuko ArakiAnri Okamoto & Toru Kazama. Movie is directed by long-time TBS drama series director Akio Yoshida. Story for “Intern” has the CEO of a company played by Toru Kazama saving the life of a young college student played by Yuko Araki. This in turn leads the God of Death to come down and warn the CEO that his days are now numbered if he doesn’t change the future. The CEO then takes over the body of the college student’s friend to help her become a successful intern.

“Intern” will be released November 5, 2016 in Japan.