May 3 2018

Masami Hisamoto and Tomomi Itano cast in movie “Imagination Game”

Masami Hisamoto and Tomomi Itano (ex-‘AKB48’ member) are cast in movie “Imagination Game.” The film revolves around two women, each with an unusual online presence. Masami Hisamoto is a hard working OL woman, but she is also known as a charismatic goddess on a website. Tomomi Itano plays a young woman who runs a blog about getting revenge on husbands.

“Imagination Game” will be released July 28, 2018 in Japan.


May 1 2018

Teaser trailer and poster for live-action film “Anoko no Toriko”

Teaser trailer and poster added for upcoming live-action film “Anoko no Toriko” starring Ryo Yoshizawa, Yuko Araki and Yosuke Sugino. Movie is based on manga “Anoko no Toriko” by Yuki Shiraishi and directed by Ryo Miyawaki. Story for “Anoko no Toriko” revolves around a love triangle between three teenagers who have been friends since their childhoods.

In addition, release date for “Anoko no Toriko” is now set for October 5, 2018 in Japan.

Apr 30 2018

Gen Hoshino cast in movie “Hikkoshi Daimyo”

Gen Hoshino is cast for the lead role in new movie “Hikkoshi Daimyo.” Also cast in major supporting roles are Issei Takahashi and Mitsuki Takahata. The film is based on 2016 novel “Hikkoshi Daimyo Sanzenri” by Akihiro Dobashi (“Samurai Hustle“) and directed by Isshin Inudo. In the film, Gen Hoshino plays bookworm samurai Harunosuke Katagiri. He receives a mission to help a daimyo move.

Filming for “Hikkoshi Daimyo” will take place from May to June, 2018 and the movie will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Apr 27 2018

Chieko Baisho, Tatsuya Fuji and Mikako Ichikawa cast in live-action film “Hatsukoi”

Chieko BaishoTatsuya Fuji and Mikako Ichikawa are cast in live-action film “Hatsukoi: Otosan, Chibi ga Inaku Narimashita.” The film is based on manga series “Otosan, Chibi ga Inaku Narimashita” by Keiko Nishi and directed by Shotaro Kobayashi (“Kaasan Mom’s Life“). In the film, Chieko Baisho and Tatsuya Fuji play a married elderly couple. One of their children is played by Mikako Ichikawa. Drama ensues when the mother tells the daughter that she wants a divorce.

“Hatsukoi: Otosan, Chibi ga Inaku Narimashita” will be released spring, 2019 in Japan.


Apr 26 2018

Teaser trailer for live-action film “Sensei Kunshu”

Teaser trailer added for live-action film “Sensei Kunshu” starring Ryoma Takeuchi and Minami Hamabe. Movie is based on manga series “Sensei Kunshu” by Momoko Koda and directed by Sho Tsukikawa (“Let Me Eat Your Pancreas“). Story for the film revolves around a high school student (Minami Hamabe) and a young man (Ryoma Takeuchi) who turns out to be her substitute teacher.

“Sensei Kunshu” will be released August 1, 2018 in Japan.