Jun 15 2017

Teaser trailer and poster for movie “The 8-Year Engagement”

Teaser trailer and poster for upcoming movie “The 8-Year Engagement” starring Takeru Satoh and Tao Tsuchiya. Movie is based on autobiographical novel “8 Nen Goshi no Hanayome Kimi no Me ga Sametanara” by Hisashi Nakahara & Mai Nakahara and directed by Takahisa Zeze. Story for the films follows a fiancee who falls into a coma and when she wakes up, does not recognize her fiance.

“The 8-Year Engagement” is now set for release December 16, 2017 in Japan.

Jun 14 2017

Yuko Araki cast in movie “Evil and the Mask”

Yuko Araki is cast in upcoming movie “Evil and the Mask” (“Aku to Kamen no Ruru”) co-starring Hiroshi Tamaki. Movie is based on the novel “Aku to Kamen no Ruru” by Fuminori Nakamura and directed by Teppei Nakamura. “Evil and the Mask” is the third film that is based on a novel or short story by Fuminori Nakamura.

For “Evil and the Mask,” Yuko Araki will play lead female character Kaori Kuki. Her character is adopted by a wealthy zaibatsu family, but the family is evil. Hiroshi Tamaki plays Fumihiro Kuki. He is a son from the wealthy zaibatsu family, but he kills his father to protect Kaori Kuki. He then undergoes plastic surgery and lives under a different name.

“Evil and the Mask” will be released sometime next year in Japan.

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Jun 14 2017

Special English subtitled trailer for live-action film “Tokyo Ghoul”

Special 3 minute English subtitled trailer added for upcoming live-action film “Tokyo Ghoul” starring Masataka Kubota. The special trailer features the movie’s theme song “BANKA” by illion. illion is the solo project of Yojiro Noda from rock band “Radwimps.”  Movie “Tokyo Ghoul” is based on manga series”Tokyo Ghoul” by Sui Ishida. 18 still images from the movie can be viewed below.

“Tokyo Ghoul” opens July 29, 2017 in Japan.

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Jun 13 2017

Ryoichi Tsukada cast in rock climbing film “Last Hold”

Ryoichi Tsukada (‘A.B.C-Z’) is cast in new movie “Last Hold.” Also cast in supporting roles are the 6 members of idol group ‘Snow Man’ (Hikaru Iwamoto, Tatsuya Fukasawa, Shota Watanabe, Ryota Miyadate, Daisuke Sakuma and Ryohei Abe). Movie will be directed by Yukinori Makabe. For the upcoming film, Ryoichi Tsukada will play main character Okajima. He is the chief of his university’s bouldering club which is form of rock climbing without the use of ropes or harnesses. The club is facing a crisis as it may get shut down and Okajima recruits 6 new members to avoid the club’s closure. 5 of the new members of complete rookies to bouldering, but the club forms a strong bond as they enter a competition.

Filming for “Last Hold” will begin in the middle of this month and the movie will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Jun 10 2017

Takanori Iwata and Hana Sugisaki cast in live-action film “Perfect World”

Takanori Iwata (‘J Soul Brothers’ and ‘EXILE’) and Hana Sugisaki are cast in new live-action film “Perfect World.” The movie is based on manga series “Perfect World” by Rie Aruga and directed by Kenji Shibayama. Story for “Perfect World” follows interior design employee Tsugumi (Hana Sugisaki). She meets her first love from her high school days Itsuki Ayukawa (Takanori Iwata). He is now an architect and wheelchair bound.

Filming for “Perfect World” began June 2nd and will finish in the middle of July. The movie will be released sometime next year in Japan.

Jun 8 2017

Ryusei Yokohama cast in live-action film “Honey”

Ryusei Yokohama is cast in upcoming live-action film “Honey” starring Sho Hirano & Yuna Taira. The movie is based on manga “Honey” by Amu Meguro and directed by Koji Shintoku. For the live-action film, Ryusei Yokohama will play supporting character Ayumu Misaki. He is a classmate of Taiga Onise (Sho Hirano) and they become friends. He has a sharp tongue, but cute appearance.

“Honey” will be released sometime in spring, 2018 in Japan.


Jun 8 2017

Teaser poster and still images for movie “Hibana: Spark”

Here’s the first teaser poster and still images for upcoming movie “Hibana: Spark” starring Masaki Suda & Kenta Kiritani. Movie is based on 2015 novel “Hibana” by Naoki Matayoshi and directed by Itsuji Itao. The movie version follows 2016 Netflix-NHK drama series “Hibana: Spark” which stars Kento Hayashi and Kazuki Namioka in the respective lead roles. Story for the film follows two men who struggle for success as comedians.

Release date for “Hibana: Spark” is now set for November 23, 2017 in Japan. Read more »