Feb 11 2020

Main poster & trailer for movie “Gone Wednesday”

Main poster and trailer added for movie “Gone Wednesday” starring Tomoya Nakamura and Natsumi Ishibashi. Movie is scripted and directed by Kohei Yoshino. Around the 6 second mark of the trailer, Tomoya Nakamura states in Japanese “Everyday, I talk differently. So, I can’t make friends.”

Plot synopsis by AsianWiki: A man has 7 different personalities. The man’s 7 personalities appear by the days of the week and they know each other indirectly through a diary he keeps.

“Gone Wednesday” will be released May 15, 2020 in Japan.

Feb 10 2020

Teaser poster for live-action film “From Today, It’s My Turn!!”

Teaser poster added for upcoming live-action film “From Today, It’s My Turn!!” starring Kento Kaku & Kentaro Ito. Movie is based on manga series “Kyo kara Ore wa!!” by Hiroyuki Nishimori and follows 2018 NTV drama series “From Today, It’s My Turn!!” that also stars Kento Kaku and Kentaro Ito. A drama special will also air this summer, around the release of the live-action film, but no further details about the drama special has been revealed. Caption on the teaser poster states in Japanese (left side of poster) “Ito, hair is interrupting” and (right side of poster) “Shut up and suck it up.”

“From Today, It’s My Turn!!” will be released July 17, 2020 in Japan.

Feb 7 2020

Teaser poster & release date for movie “Kotera-san Climbs!”

Teaser poster and release date added for live-action film “Kotera-san Climbs!” (literal title) starring Haruka Kudo and Kentaro Ito. Movie is based on manga series “Noboru Kotera-san” by Coffee and the film is directed by Tomoyuki Furumaya. Meanwhile, the movie’s theme song has been revealed, which is “Keep on Rocking” by Japanese female band “Chai.”

“Kotera-san Climbs!” is now set for release June 5, 2020 in Japan.

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Feb 6 2020

Main trailer for movie “The Confidence Man JP: Princess”

Main trailer added for movie “The Confidence Man JP: Princess” starring Masami Nagasawa, Masahiro Higashide, and Fumiyo Kohinata. Movie is a sequel to 2019 film “The Confidence Man JP: The Movie” and 2018 Fuji TV drama series “The Confidence Man JP .” Meanwhile, the theme song of the movie has been revealed, which is “Laughter” by pop-rock group Official HIGE DANdism. “Laughter” appears in the main trailer for the movie.

“The Confidence Man JP: Princess” will be released May 1, 2020 in Japan.

Feb 4 2020

Teaser trailer for movie “Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie”

Teaser trailer added for movie “Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie” starring Haruka Ayase & Hidetoshi Nishijima. The film is a sequel to 2017 NTV drama series “Caution, Hazardous Wife” with Haruka Ayase & Hidetoshi Nishijima. Story for the film revolves around a wife and husband who both hide secrets from each other about their past as secret agents. The teaser around the 22 second mark has the two main characters pointing guns at each other and Haruka Ayase says “Liar” and Hidetoshi Nishijima replies “You’re just the same.”

“Caution, Hazardous Wife: The Movie” opens June 5, 2020 in Japan.

Jan 31 2020

Mirai Moriyama, Takumi Kitamura & Ryo Katsuji cast in movie “Underdog”

Mirai Moriyama, Takumi Kitamura & Ryo Katsuji are cast in boxing film “Underdog.” The movie is scripted by Shin Adachi and directed by Masaharu Take. The duo of screenwriter Shin Adachi and director Masaharu Take has collaborated on several films and drama series, most notably in this case with “100 Yen Love,” which is also a boxing film. Filming for “Underdog” began January 6, 2020 and its currently still ongoing. This is the first time Mirai Moriyama has played a boxer and he took boxing lessons for more than 6 months prior to filming of the movie.

Plot synopsis by AsianWiki: “Underdog” follows three boxers who are all underdogs. Akira Suenaga (Mirai Moriyama) is a boxer, who struggles to succeed as a boxer. Ryuta Omura (Takumi Kitamura) is a young boxer, who grew up in an orphanage. Shun Miyagi (Ryo Katsuji) challenges a boxer, following the plans of a TV program.

“Underdog” will be released winter, 2020 in Japan.

Jan 29 2020

Takumi Kitamura in live-action film “Tonkatsu DJ Age-Taro”

Takumi Kitamura is cast for the lead role in live-action film “Tonkatsu DJ Age-Taro.” Also cast in the film are Maika Yamamoto, Kentaro Ito, Ryo Kato, Kodai Asaka, Louis Kurihara, Kou Maehara, Natsumi Ikema, Reiko Kataoka, Brother Tom, and Yusuke Iseya. The film is based on manga series “Tonkatsu DJ Age-Taro” written by Iipyao and is directed by Ken Ninomiya (“Chiwawa“). The film will have Takumi Kitamura playing main character Agetaro Katsumata. He works for his family’s tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant, but becomes fascinated with with DJing. Maika Yamamoto will play Sonoko Hattori. She is a trainee stylist and Agetaro Katsumata falls in love with her at first sight. Kentaro Ito will play Kurado Yashiki. He is a rival DJ to Agetaro Katsumata.

“Tonkatsu DJ Age-Taro” will be released June 19, 2020 in Japan.

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Jan 27 2020

Gou Ayano & Keiko Kitagawa cast in movie “The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File”

Gou Ayano & Keiko Kitagawa are cast in movie “The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File.” The film is based on 2017 novel “Doctor Death no Isan” by Shichiri Nakayama (“Goodbye Debussy“) and directed by Yoshihiro Fukagawa (“Restaurant From The Sky“). Filming for “The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File” took place from July, 2019 to August, 2019.

Plot synopsis by AsianWiki: A series of suspicious death cases take place. All the victims were terminal patients. Detective Hayato Inukai (Gou Ayano) and Detective Asuka Takachiho (Keiko Kitagawa) investigate the case. Through their investigation, they learn of a person known as “Dr. Death.” He performs euthanasia by request. Meanwhile, Detective Hayato Inukai’s daughter Sayaka requests the help of Dr. Death. Sayaka suffers from a severe kidney disease.

“The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File” will be released November, 2020 in Japan.