Jun 20 2019

Teaser trailer & still images for movie “Honeybees and Distant Thunder”

Teaser trailer for movie “Honeybees and Distant Thunder” starring Mayu Matsuoka, Tori Matsuzaka, Win Morisaki & Oji Suzuka. The film revolving around a piano competition is based on 2016 novel “Mitsubachi to Enrai” by Riku Onda (“My Little Nightmare: The Movie“) and directed by Kei Ishikawa (“Gukoroku: Traces of Sin“). Around the 26 second mark in the teaser trailer, captions in Japanese appears and asks “Who is the one tht is loved by the god of music?” Meanwhile, below are still images from the film.

“Honeybees and Distant Thunder” will be released October 4, 2019 in Japan.

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Jun 18 2019

Teaser trailer for live-action film “Miyamoto kara Kimi e”

Teaser trailer added for live-action movie “Miyamoto kara Kimi e” starring Sosuke Ikematsu and Yu Aoi. Movie is based on manga series “Miyamoto kara Kimi e” by Hideki Arai (“Come On Irene“) and directed by  Tetsuya Mariko (“Destruction Babies“). The film also follows 2018 TV Tokyo drama series “Miyamoto kara Kimi e” which also stars Sosuke Ikematsu and has Tetsuya Mariko as its director.

“Miyamoto kara Kimi e” will be released September 27, 2019 in Japan.

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Jun 11 2019

Teaser trailer & character poster for live-action film “The Flowers of Evil”

Teaser trailer for live-action film “The Flowers of Evil” starring Kentaro Ito and Tina Tamashiro. Movie is based on manga series “Aku no Hana” by Shuzo Oshimi and directed by Noboru Iguchi. Meanwhile, below are two teaser posters for the movie. The teaser posters are of Kentaro Ito as Takao Kasuga and Tina Tamashiro as Sawa Nakamura.

“The Flowers of Evil” has now been slotted for release September 27, 2019 in Japan.

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Jun 8 2019

Trailer for movie “Aesop’s Game”

Trailer added for movie “Aesop’s Game” starring Ruka Ishikawa, Hiroe Igeta and Guama. The film is directed by Shinichiro UedaNaoya Asanuma and Yuya Nakaizumi who all worked together on 2018 film festival favorite “One Cut of the Dead.” Shinichiro Ueda directed “One Cut of the Dead,” while Naoya Asanuma and Yuya Nakaizumi worked as crew members on that film. Story for “Aesop’s Game” involves three very different girls who somehow cheats and revenges each other.

“Aesop’s Game” will have its world premiere as the opening film of this year’s  Skip City International D-Cinema Festival (July 13-21, 2019) and then have its general release August 16, 2019 in Japan.

Jun 7 2019

Bakarhythm cast in movie “Fictitious Girl’s Diary”

Bakarhythm is cast in movie version “Fictitious Girl’s Diary.” The film is based on 2013 novel “Kaku OL Nikki” by Bakarhythm and was previously adapted into 2017 YTV drama series “Fictitious Girl’s Diary.” Bakarhythm also wrote the original screenplay for the movie version. In the film, Bakarhythm will play Hidetomo Masuno. His character is a female officer worker. Bakarhythm doesn’t talk or look like a woman, but his character is accepted as a woman in the woman.

“Fictitious Girl’s Diary” will be released sometime in 2010 in Japan.