Aug 23 2019

Kengo Kora cast in movie “Summer, About Time to Reach”

Kengo Kora is cast for a supporting role in movie “Summer, About Time to Reach” (literal title of “Natsu, Itaru Koro”) starring Yuki Kura, Roi Ishiuchi & Nari Saito. The film also has actress Elaiza Ikeda making her debut as a feature film director. In the film, Kengo Kora will play a teacher named Kobayashi. Filming for “Summer, About Time to Reach” began August 20, 2019.

” Summer, About Time to Reach” will be released summer, 2020 in Japan.

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Aug 21 2019

Kaho & Satoshi Tsumabuki cast in movie “Red”

Kaho and Satoshi Tsumabuki are cast in movie “Red.” The film is based on 2014 novel “Red” by Rio Shimamoto. 2017 movie “Narratage,” starring Jun Matsumoto and Kasumi Arimura, is also based on a novel by Rio Shimamoto. Story for “Red” will follow two ex-lovers who meet for the first time in 10 years and have an affair. Filming for “Red” is currently ongoing in the suburbs of Kanto and Niigata. Filming is scheduled to finish August, 2019. Movie is directed by Yukiko Mishima (“Bread of Happiness“).

“Red” will be released February, 2020 in Japan.

Aug 20 2019

Sayu Kubota cast in movie “30 Minutes Until Goodbye”

Sayu Kubota is cast in movie “30 Minutes Until Goodbye” (literal title) co-starring Mackenyu Arata and Takumi Kitamura. In the film, Sayu Kuboto will play Kana Murase. She was the girlfriend of Aki Miyata (Mackenyu Arata) and also played the keyboards in his band. A mysterious cassette tape allows Aki Miyata’s spirit to take over the body of Sota Kubota (Takumi Kitamura) for 30 minutes. Movie is directed by Kentaro Hagiwara and scripted by Satomi Oshima.

“30 Minutes Until Goodbye” will be released January, 2020 in Japan.

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Aug 17 2019

Kanata Hongo & Kie Kitano cast in movie “Sengoku Girl and Kendo Boy”

Kanata Hongo and Kie Kitano are cast in time-travel film “Sengoku Girl and Kendo Boy” (literal title). Movie is directed by Masaki Hamamoto (“Akanezora“). For the movie, Kie Kitano will play swordswoman Yui from the Sengoku period (1467 – 1600). She somehow travels to present day Japan in Oita Prefecture. Kanata Hongo will play Masato Fujii. He is a former kendo national champion and now runs a sake brewery. Filming for the movie began August 16, 2019 in Oita Prefecture and filming will take place in Oita, Usuki and Kitsuki City.

“Sengoku Girl and Kendo Boy” will be released autumn, 2020 in Japan.

Aug 16 2019

Trailer & poster for movie “Tokyo Wine Party People”

Trailer and poster added for movie “Tokyo Wine Party People” starring Sayuri Matsumura, Ito Ono and Hayato Onozuka. The film is based on 2017 novel “Tokyo Wine Party People” by Shin Kibayashi. Shin Kibyashi also wrote manga series “Drops of God” (“Kami no Shizuki”) which was adapted into 2009 NTV drama series “Drops of God.” Story for “Tokyo Wine Party People” follows an office worker played by Sayuri Matsumura who becomes interested in wine after attending a Tokyo wine party.

“Tokyo Wine Party People” will be released October 4, 2019 in Japan.

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Aug 13 2019

Teaser trailer & teaser poster for movie “Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku”

Teaser trailer and teaser poster added for movie “Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku” starring Mitsuki Takahata and Kento Yamazaki. Movie is based on webcomic “Wotaku ni Koi ha Muzukashii” by Fujita  and directed by Yuichi Fukuda (“Gintama“). The teaser begins with narration that states in Japanese “Otaku…people who live the dream..”

“Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku” will be released February 7, 2020 in Japan.