Sep 13 2017

Kento Nagayama, Takanori Jinnai and Masao Kusakari cast in TV Asahi drama series “Doctor-X”

Kento Nagayama, Takanori Jinnai and Masao Kusakari are cast in the 5th season of TV Asahi drama series “Doctor-X” starring Ryoko Yonekura. For the drama series, Kento Nagayama will play rookie surgeon Naoyuki Nishiyama. Takanori Jinnai will play Takashi Inomata. He is the deputy director of the surgery department. Lastly, Masao Kusakari will play Kagenobu Uchikanda. He is the chairman of the Japan doctors club.

Ep.1 of “Doctor-X” airs October 12, 2017 in Japan.

Sep 12 2017

Satomi Ishihara cast in TBS drama series “Unnatural”

Satomi Ishihara is cast in new TBS drama series “Unnatural.” Also cast in supporting roles are Arata Iura, Masataka Kubota, Mikako Ichikawa and Yutaka Matsushige. For the drama series, Satomi Ishihara will play forensic doctor Mikoto Misumi and she works at UDI Lab (Unnatural Death Investigation). Her team there attempts to uncover the truth behind various unnatural death cases.

“Unnatural” first airs January, 2018  in Japan.

Sep 7 2017

Supporting cast announced for TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Shinjuku Seven”

Supporting cast announced for upcoming TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Shinjuku Seven” starring Tatsuya Ueda (‘KAT-TUN’). Cast in supporting roles are Tomoya Nakamura, Ito Ono, Maho Nonami, Tetsushi Tanaka and Mari Natsuki. The drama series is set at a pawn shop in Kabukicho and follows genius appraiser Nanase (Tatsuya Ueda).

For the supporting characters, Tomoya Nakamura will play Kenta Ono. He is an apprentice at Nanase’s pawnshop. Ito Ono will play Hana Suigetsu. She is a mysterious character and suffers from memory loss. Maho Nonami will play bar owner Erika Hosho. Tetsushi Tanaka will play Detective Akihito Kondo and, lastly, Mari Natsuki will play gyoza shop owner Shinobu.

“Shinjuku Seven” first airs October 13, 2017 in Japan.

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Sep 5 2017

Kaya Kiyohara cast in TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Setoutsumi”

Kaya Kiyohara cast in TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Setoutsumi” starring Mahiro Takasugi and Shono Hayama. The drama series is based on manga “Setoutsumi” by Kazuya Konomoto and follows live-action movie version “Setoutsumi” starring Masaki Suda and Sosuke Ikematsu.

For the drama series, Kaya Kiyohara will play Ichigo Kashimura. She is a classmate of So Utsumi (Mahiro Takasugi) and Shokichi Seto (Shono Hayama). Shokichi Seto likes her, but she has feeling for So Utsumi.

“Setoutsumi” first airs October, 2017 in Japan.

Sep 5 2017

Haruma Miura cast in TV Asahi drama series “Otona Koukou”

Haruma Miura is cast in new TV Asahi drama series “Otona Koukou.” The drama series is scripted by Hiroshi Hashimoto. Setup for the drama series has the Japanese government implementing “Otona Koukou” (Adult High School) to try to solve the country’s low birthrate problem. Citizens over 30 and who are sexually unexperienced are forcibly enrolled at Otona Koukou. Haruma Miura plays Hideto Arakawa. He is enrolled at Otona Koukou.

“Otona Koukou” will first air this October in Japan.

Sep 4 2017

Fuma Kikuchi cast in NTV live-action drama series “Wagahai no Heya de Aru”

Fuma Kikuchi (‘Sexy Zone’) is cast in NTV live-action drama series “Wagahai no Heya de Aru.” The drama series is based on manga series “Wagahai no Heya de Aru” by Riki Taoka. The drama series will follow graduate student Tetsuro Kagiyama (Fuma Kikuchi) and his life while living in an efficiency apartment. Some props in his apartment including a hippo doll, rice cooker, lights and bottles will be voiced by actors.

“Wagahai no Heya de Aru” first airs September 18, 2017 in Japan.

Aug 30 2017

Kengo Kora & Yuu Shirota cast in WOWOW drama series “Bye Bye Blackbird”

Kengo Kora & Yuu Shirota are cast in WOWOW drama series “Bye Bye Blackbird.” For Yuu Shirota, he will play a woman for the first time in his acting career. The drama series is based on 2010 novel “Bye Bye Blackbird” by Kotaro Isaka. The drama series will be directed by Yoshitaka Mori and screenplay adaptation by Kenichi Suzuki.

“Bye Bye Blackbird” will air sometime next year in Japan.

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Aug 30 2017

Tae Kimura cast in YTV drama series “Black Revenge”

Tae Kimura is cast in NTV-YTV drama series “Black Revenge.” Also cast in supporting roles are Jiro Sato, Hiroyuki Hirayama, Arata Horii, Maya Okano and Eriko Nakamura. The drama series is based on an original screenplay by Tomoharu Sato and directed by Taro Otani. The drama series revolves around Saori Imamiya (Tae Kimura). A fabricated scandal ruined her husband’s political career and led to him committing suicide and Saori Imamiya having a miscarriage. Five years later, she sets out a plan to get revenge on those responsible for creating the scandal.

“Black Revenge” first airs October 5, 2017 in Japan.