Jul 29 2016

Keiko Kitagawa is cast in WOWOW drama series “Hippocratic Oath”

Keiko Kitagawa is cast in new WOWOW drama series “Hippocratic Oath.” The drama series is based on 2015 novel “Hipokuratesu No Chikai” by Shichiri Nakayama. Also cast in supporting roles are Kyohei Shibata & Ikko Furuya. In the upcoming drama series Keiko Kitagawa will play medical intern Makoto Tsugano. She then takes classes in medical forensics. An autopsy reveals hidden truths in a car accident case.

“Hippocratic Oath” will air from October 2 – October 30, 2016 in Japan.

Jul 27 2016

Yui Aragaki cast in TBS live-action drama series “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu”

Yui Aragaki is cast in new TBS live-action drama series “Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu.” Drama series is based on manga series of same name by Tsunami Umino and directed by Fuminori Kaneko. In the upcoming drama series, Yui Aragaki plays 25-year-old Mikuri Moriyama. Her character doesn’t have a job or boyfriend. She then lands a job as a housekeeper for 36-year-old Hiramasa Tsuzaki. When it looks like she will lose her job, she and her employer decide to get married to continue their working relationship.

“Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu” first airs this October in Japan.

Jul 25 2016

Supporting cast announced for WOWOW drama series “Cold Case”

Kento Nagayama, Kenichi Takito, Ken Mitsuishi and Tomokazu Miura are all cast in upcoming WOWOW drama series “Cold Case” starring Yo Yoshida. All four of the newly announced cast members will play detectives on the unsolved cases investigation team.

In the drama series, Kento Nagayama will play Shinjiro Takagi. He is 31-years-old, ambitious and an arrogant detective. Kenichi Takito will play Daisuke Tachikawa. He is a honest, but hot-tempered detective. He is separated from his wife. Ken Mitsuishi will play Toru Kaneko. He analyzes cases with the help of his many years of experience in the field. Tomokazu Miura will play Hidetoshi Motoki. He leads the investigation team for unsolved cold cases.

“Cold Case” first airs October 22, 2016 in Japan.



Jul 22 2016

Miho Kanno cast in TBS drama series “Suna no Tou”

Miho Kanno is cast in new TBS drama series “Suna no Tou.” The drama series marks Miho Kanno’s first leading acting role in a drama series since 2012 TBS drama series “Wonderful Single Life.” In the drama series, Miho Kanno will play Aki Takano. Her character is a housewife who moves with her family into a new high-rise apartment building. There, she meets a scary neighbor and a connection seems to exist between the neighbor and a series of recent abductions. Drama series is scripted by Natsuko Ikeda (“Miss Double Faced Teacher“) and directed by Ayuko Tsukahara (“It’s Not That I Can’t Marry I Don’t Marry“).

“Suna no Tou” first airs this October in Japan.

Jul 20 2016

Hiroshi Tamaki cast in TV Tokyo drama special “Kyoaku wa Nemurasenai Tokuso Kenji no Gyakushu”

Hiroshi Tamaki is cast in TV Tokyo drama special “Kyoaku wa Nemurasenai Tokuso Kenji no Gyakushu.” The drama special is based on 2014 novel “Baikoku” by Jin Mayama. The drama special also marks the first time Hiroshi Tamaki will perform in a TV Tokyo drama series or special.

In drama special “”Kyoaku wa Nemurasenai Tokuso Kenji no Gyakushu,” Hiroshi Tamaki will play prosecutor Shinichi Tominaga. While he investigates a case involving illegal donations to a politician, he also learns of a scandal involving the space program. The two cases seem to be connected.

“Kyoaku wa Nemurasenai Tokuso Kenji no Gyakushu” will air sometime later this year in Japan.

Jun 29 2016

Honami Suzuki cast in Fuji TV drama series “Nonmama Hakusho”

Honami Suzuki is cast for the lead role in upcoming Fuji TV drama series “Nonmama Hakusho.” Also cast in supporting roles are Momoko Kikuchi, Makiko Watanabe, Nao Minamisawa & Takahiro Hamada. In the drama series, Honami Suzuki will play 49-year-old Reiko Doi. She is a divorcee and without children. While pursuing her career in her 20’s and 30’s, she was unable to have children due to the times. She now strives to continue her job while searching for love.

“Nonmama Hakusho” will first air August 13, 2016 in Japan.